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| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Ondemeira the White.
| At the castle of King Guy the First
| in the city of Credia.

Dear Lady Torchwood
Good Master Chronicler of Light,

I know that the Lady Torchwood will understand the dual-greeting on this missive. Since the good Master Chronicler of Light would receive a copy and I am conserving my energy for a Spell of Legend you will feel likely a few grains of sand in an hourglass after this reaches your hands. Well, I imagine every single magic wielder, internalist (psychics), warlock, and even priest in Credia. Will perhaps will feel the mighty albeit brief surge of legendary magic. I also know they will not be able to pinpoint the source but likely will know that a powerful master or arch-mage is in town. I’m am fine with that moniker, for while my repertoire of spells is brief they are powerful in action.

I am making a clone of myself which will serve as a guardian for the ship and stay on board Rogtilda his name will be Kom’var and I made him with the help of a “gift” I wish to provide to your King, and the newest member of of CrIsis, Hannah, the Silver Bell Faerie.

Hannah came to replace Master Burlap, whom was sent to aid Master-Sister Camminata in the Vequerrel Woodlands of the Western Empire. Apparently, she arrived during our battle with “The Terror” but was helping Lord Raulf escape his attackers. None of us really noticed her until she made her appearance very evident on the 17th of Gryphon, when we battled a rested and refreshed ReSet just outside of the town of Nisi. They had studied our fight against the dragon and I say were nearly victorious in our defeat we it not for each of us working to help one another this message would never have arrived. The remainder of that day was spent resting and healing ourselves and our pack horse which had nearly died.

So onto our journey and how we came to be in the Dock #6 (I’m told it is also called Dock Q, which I assume stands for “Quiet”), which my first mate, Master Jershon, assures me is for private and pleasure vessels.

18th and 19th of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First, of the Kingdom of Timiro.

A blizzard struck on the 18th and in the midst of this foul death powder came ill words on a morning pigeon, and evening pigeon. Even though Master Ja’Deir had been returned to us whatever was sent to him bothered him enough to not share it. In time he’ll reveal its contents when his heart feels right in doing so. Lord Raulf shared his just before we turned in as the blizzard storm of death powder has begun to break. It seems war is imminent between the Wolfen Empire and the Dominion of Man. Lord Raulf fears he would be forced to return home and lead his people because he would be in line to succeeding the chieftain since he is still alive. I had faith that we would learned something great at the Obelisk of Osiris and convinced him to follow us their before we would teleport to help him save his people. He agreed and we arrived in Nisi just after sun rise. A crowd swarmed us and I was able to take my normal form because this place is a holy shrine to the scions of light! Their town square is called the “Golden Triangle” and each point is adorned with a statue of the Lawgiver, himself! In the center at the great Obelisk are life sized statues of the members of CrIsis! Well, Hannah, being only a few inches tall had a two foot statue for her. This seem to delight her to no end and she twittered about with glee only the fae seem to possess. It was my hope that since this location had once guarded the Lawgiver’s Skull it may take another piece in its place.

My thoughts were not horribly misguided in this notion. To explained after we let the throngs of adoring fans and worhsippers of Osisris touch his “Member”, known for fertility among its gifts. I showed everyone by rubbing it as Master Burlap had done. After several minutes a green light shot forth toward the ground and rumbling was heard. Corn stalks as tall as I am shot forth from the ground creating a wall around the obelisk and covering our entry into it. I had to change back to Hooman form for the down the small tunnel, but poor Lord Raulf had to squeeze all the way. It was nice to be in my own skin though for the short time I got.

Father Philip was our guide into the trip deep inside the Obelisk. Once below all I could hear from behind me was poor Lord Raulf continuing to squeeze through passageways not meant for his size. Finally we came to a room roughly 50 feet cubed by Dwarven measurements. There was a door in the far wall 20 feet tall and missing a door handle with a socket that looked as though the silver torch Father Indaris had would fit. Wonders of wonders but we had the key / door handle all along! Words of warning above the door stated that “only the chosen may enter” which of course wasn’t ominous at all. Father Indaris and the rest surmised having the CrIsis Torch Ring was the signal we had been chosen. You will be please to note that none of us died, though I suspect you figured that part out given that your reading about this in my hand writing. I made another joke! HA!

I know the secret of the Obelisk and I won’t risk it recording it, but I have a vague memory of saving Hannah from a fear of being in enclosed spaces. Then when Father Indaris pointed out the secret only worked when we were all present I helped her find her courage to endure hardship and vaguely remember proclaiming her “Hannah the Defiant” or something to that effect. I seem to have developed a strong brotherly affection for keep her safe. She is rather tiny after all.

It was researched that the First Pyramid of Osiris was not a decoy pyramid and seeing the secret of the Obelisk I was able to help redirect Lord Raulf for one more day from his quest to run home and avert war. I really hate the phrase “The Greater Good” but was what Master Ja’Deir and Mistress Hannah were helping us to not loose sight of.

Xerx’ses, you only hate it because you feel you’re leaving the Wolfen like you chose to leave the Vequana.


The Dark is desperate to try and pull CrIsis in every direction possible. Ja’Deir and Hannah are right.


Please remember I am in your head, screaming is not necessary for me to feel how you truly bathe in the regret of saving a piece of your Lord and Savior when he admonished your method of saving him.

I . . . I knew what I was doing was going let them die and its the first time in my life I ever uttered “The Greater Good” because I didn’t have to see their faces when I sentenced them to die at the hand of the Cyclops! I still see their faces when I sleep at night sometimes and I don’t know if I can handle it if they are joined by a tribe of Wolfen whom we had the chance to help but they rated to low on the priority pole of danger, risk, and reward.

Golden One, you have been at peace with the death of your tribe. Ever since your father said he was proud of your choices and he does not blame you for the death of your Brother. Remember the sacrifice as though “YOU” had to make it because your war is on a celestial level and their will be death. If you fail though then you damn the world. Never forget where the stakes are at for you.

Aptly put, Magos.

I’m done being morose, but I don’t have to like knowing I am part of the reason a friend had to choose “The Greater Good” over his family and people.

Apologies for the aside with my soul-bound friends, with the missive that war was a mere day away from starting between the Wolfen and the Hoomans they nearly succeeded. Let me explain as I try very hard to make my suggestions sound as they are not me leading the wagon down the road where I think we should go.

20th of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First, of the Kingdom of Timiro.

I have noticed that leaders have to act with conviction and it seems even when they realize they might be wrong or those following them will begin to question them, which could get them killed in a battle. I knew that to change my mind openly I would need something to happen to revisit our decision to teleport to the Northern Wilderness. Hopefully whatever allowed me to re-visit our decision would not reinforce the path we were on.

We approached the First Pyramid of Osiris and there did not seem to be many guards however, I feel they are likely concealed after learning a large detachment of Ramen guarded the sacred location. I felt great that we had convinced Father Phillip to come and see a piece put into the Pyramid. It was funny that Father Indaris asked him if they were making copies of his art that hung in a tent near the Obelisk to make money for the Church of Light. Father Phillip laughed while he exclaimed that had not occurred to him, but he would correct that upon his return.

Since Mistress Hannah had never placed a piece it was decided she should do so, but I had to levitate the piece so she could sit on it, errr ride it, errr escort it to the flame as I guided it up the steps. Being a fairy she could not lift it exclaiming she wasn’t a Spriggan, whatever that is.

21st, 22nd, & 23rd of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First, of the Kingdom of Timiro.

When we left the Pyramid each of us received some wisdom and a new direction was born. Our next destination was where this missive begins, Credia. Then on to our great chronicler. Father Phillip arranged for his own passage back to Nisi after speaking with the Ramen of the Pyramid. I was in a foul mood because the “WHITE DEATH POWDER OF THE NORTH” began coming down once again!

Oh the funniest thing happened on the way to Tax during the 22nd. This band of brigands try to way lay us and we all laughed. Even with 10 of them we stood in front of the wagon and told this it was last chance to walk away. Who knew that having a Minotaur Wizard with lightning spears, a Wolfen with an eight foot golden blade, a Human priest with a Holy Flail that glows, a squirrel version of a Wolfen with a glowing sword, and a fairy – that alone should be terrifying, I tossed a spear for effect in front of them leaving a crater in the ground. When the smoke cleared they were all running for their lives! We had a tremendous laugh and kept going! Good times. The 23rd was crappy with the “WHITE DEATH POWDER OF THE NORTH” starting again as we arrived in Tax. We purchased one barrel each from the Carlsson brewery, and the Silson winery. Master Jershon knew of the operations and approved of the purchase.

24th and 25th of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First, of the Kingdom of Timiro.

The 24th was cold rain, why cold? I thought this was the south? Fricking Death Powder ruins everything. The 25th we arrived at Marmana once again. The girls I am told had returned and we got underway before Highsun had past one hourglass’ turn. I was informed they found two members of “old crew”, one was Higan Hlon or “Higgens” as he is known among that smarmy crew. The other was Ress a female gnome that would have made Master Tyvernos’ head spin from tales of her looks.

26th and 27th of Gryphon, 3rd year of King Guy the First, of the Kingdom of Timiro.

What is normally a couple day voyage got cut into a day and a half through Father Indaris using the Lung of the Lawgiver to create amazing gusts of wind to speed our travel. We had a steep learning curve on the first use and I was knocked overboard while wearing my custom, magical, plate armor, the Harness of Law. The crew finally got to see it keep me on top of the water and understood why I wore it piloting the ship. I know I saw money changing hands and some sour faces amidst happy ones!

I sent two additional Pigeon Message Spells to the Holy Pontiff and Slayer to ask his holiness to request Master Terramore Gleba and the The Soldiers Of The Torch to aid the Slayer of Mountains because now knowing the secret of the Obelisk we cannot turn from the pieces now. Given the group consists of 3 Titans, 3 Elves, a Cyclops, 2 Orcs, 2 Dwarves, and 6 Hoomans. They can’t possibly be a crappy replacement, I know how powerful I am and I don’t want to face them! This should also give them ample time to recruit warriors and such to the cause of the light as well. Here’s praying that plan goes well. If the Dark can effect situations far away then so can we.

Now I will wrap this up letting Kom’var read this so he has and idea of why I chose to create him and ask any questions before a royal escort is sent for us. The gifts I intend to present with CrIsis will be as “The Golden Minotaur” and not in hiding. We await the pleasure of you and his royal majesty, King Guy the First.

Till next my quill hits parchment,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, written upon the 27th of Gryphon, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Lady in yellow dress, picture by Nomuh.
Rod Rambler picture from Nonsonogaia.
Hannah fairy picture by AZ_RUNE.
Obelisk picture from LostKnightKG.
Silver Torch picture from Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.
Pyramid picture from Robedirobrob.


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