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Hail and well met Friends of CrIsis and Fans of Grignak.

Well, you could just about be called ‘fans’ of CrIsis now, couldn’t you? Well, then, I shall henceforth declare you Fans of Crisis, so, since I have now decided, let me change my salutation.

Hail and well met Fans of CrIsis.

This audience is so much larger that I am used to, and while I will try to answer any letters that you send me, realize that my time is not my own. While I am on the quest, you should be able to send any of your inquiries care of Rod Rambler, as he is the scribe of CrIsis.

So, news. I’ve already made the acquaintance of Xer’xses, and yes, he is just as built as some of the images show him to be. He’s shorter than I am. His head only reaches up to my chest, and that includes his horns. Even being shorter than me, he will still tower above most of you, and that will be perfect for the extracurricular activities you are looking for, if only in your fantasies.

I’ve yet to really meet any of the other members of CrIsis on more than a passing basis and there is at least one notable person missing from the members I have met: Hannah the Fairy. It would seem that she might have fallen, and I am to be her replacement. I might be wrong. There seem to be a large number of people in the group right now, and they could be gearing up for an all out assault and Hannah is just somewhere else at the moment.

The fact that Xer’xses sent a pigeon out to Mack and Hannah would suggest I am wrong. I simply don’t know.

The godmeet was one of the moments that I looked forward to when it came to new members of CrIsis. The descriptions that each shared of Maip were varied, but seemed to share similar themes. I beleive that I might have gotten the shortest godmeet in CrIsis history. Bennu refused to speak to me, refused to acknowledge me, and simply threw me into combat with no preparation. Now, if I’d taken the minute that she’d given me, well, I would have entered into the Throne room much better able to handle myself.

As many of my long time readers will know, I have spent most of my life within the confines of Kat’s Dungeon. You were able to see me there daily, and enjoyed the spectacle that I’d become. I was used to being within claustrophobic confines, and not seeing the sun for more than a moment or two every few months.

I am a slave. This is never something that I pushed against. It is not something that I tried to change. I have lived up to my duty to the goddess to the best of my ability, and as my many adherents will attest, I have great…ability. Being in that throne room, however, re-awakened something within me that was almost forgotten. I was in a room of proper proportions for the first time in forty years. The fact that I was facing off against the King of the giants himself was only of passing interest with the knowledge that I was now standing more than a thousand miles from my home and had been sent there in the blink of an eye.

By the way, ladies, the King was even taller than me, and likely proportioned to match his immense girth. It will, no doubt, sadden all of you to hear that he is dead.

So, I will close this first letter to you all with the knowledge that while I am gone for a short time, that I am here with you still in your hearts and bedrooms. Keep an eye on the Dungeon and I will find myself back with you all sooner than you can imagine.

(Note for Malkin: If you would prefer me not to request fan mail be sent to you, please change where it is sent and I will figure out some way to get it forwarded to me.

On a side note, if you could forward all of my messages, fixed for location content as all the messages from CrIsis are, to the offices of The Dungeon it would be greatly appreciated. As you may well know, they are a publication of the highest order sent to people of particular taste among the free people of Caer Itom. They publish weekly, so if you could get it there before they publish I would appreciate it. I can’t keep my fans in the dark, now can I?)

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