Friendship Returned

Friendship is a Path of Two Ways

Grignak of CrIsis

I show how much things have changed by writing you directly (of course sent through his His Holiness as I am not aware of your location {Note: This part is an addition by the Author, as Grignak had said where they were}}), a troll, one that would be enslaved in my own town! I have tried multiple times to get a response from CrIsis to acknowledge my sincere apology, and it has now been granted!

Once the Wraith has been removed I will be happy to build the requested temple to Khonsu! I wish to let you know that I, along with the honorable Sir Quixis and her worship the Bishop Rose, and the wise mage Mustrum with the other leaders of the East to normalize relations with the Wolfen Empire! This would allow free trade and movement between the two lands. We are in Shadowfall, and you may know some of those gathered on the other side of the table- Senate Leader High Snow, the master of survival King Avramson, and the legendary Jidian Kulder, among others! We just arrived last night, and I feel that this negotiation will take some time. Please come visit us all here!

If you cannot manage that, please visit me soon in Llorn. I have gifts for you, and a great feast will be held in your honor!

Hoping to see you all soon!
Duke Githeon VasPasseon


Picture by Toni Justamante Jacobs


7 Responses to “Friendship Returned

  • This is amazing news I am so happy to hear this!!!

  • I hope for CrIsis sake that it is not a tarp.(sic)
    This to me is a massive turning point- I hope that it becomes clear.

    • Yeah, “tarp” CrIsis, for the most part greatest “Heroes” of Palladium…that would be smart.

  • I’m especially happy to see that relations between the East and the Wolfen are moving forward. I wish we could’ve at least given his troops the time of day when they arrived.


    • Actually Sekti-Abtu is the first temple of Khonsu in this age. This would be the second official temple, but it would also be the largest influx to Llorn of a holy group. Rurga will be none to pleased having another member of the Church of Light & Dark poking around a city thought to be in her sway.

      You should have Indaris write the Duke about the temple!

      • What…Ursus shoudln’t ‘right’ to his Dukeness about the ‘template’

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