From The God of Oaths

To the following:
Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,
Father Donal,
and Lady Moli,

I am sending this to all three of you because time is short. Today is the morning of the 16th of Corg. I am also sending this through the Holy Pontiff to make sure a Pigeon Hawk Spell doesn’t destroy them. I realize this is going to create a number of duplicate magical pigeons but such is the world we live in now. We have met up with Professor Malkin, and Captain Tyrone. We are on our way the Sovereignty of Terosh to fight one of the ancient lost races, like people used to think of Minotaurs. Terosh is one of the Iceborn, disguising himself as a Human and leading people as a false prophet. It is not that I disapprove of people believing in someone becoming divine, however, people follow Terosh the Human. Not Terosh the Iceborn, High King of the Raiders of Bizantium!

Laval’liere, please ask King Guy the First to make the followers of Terosh in the Timiro Kingdom aware of his true nature. Raise no hand against the misled flock unless they raise it against you, faith is free-will and they are largely innocent of any wrong doing. Father Donal, would you please share all of this with Emperor Voelkian Itomas II and as many of the Western Empire so informed people can know better than to follow a charlatan. Could you please also inform Bishop Rose Nodeki so she may inform Duke Githeon VasPasseon of Llorn and King Hafton of Wisdom. Word has reached us regarding Bishop Lamriel and I will address that below. Lady Moli, I am unaware if there are any of Terosh’s followers among the Elven Kingdom. However, as your lord, Lictalon, has done great and wondrously good deeds I feel sharing this information should allow him to stave off any such incursion to his domain.

Dearest Laval’liere, I am sorry this letter must be formal if you need to know of my well being then go to Nisi, where statues of the active members of CrIsis are up to date. They change nearly instantly should the gods need to replace a member of CrIsis. We have to assault Terosh’s home without destroying it. Let me share what the Ashada scholar, Vesuvia, uncovered this about the home of our foe:

A true earth elemental guards the entrance, literally opening and closing the hillside’s earth that makes up the gates of the Path of Fealty, an earthen, mile-long causeway that descends gently into the ocean. The floor is of a single piece of obsidian, naturally ridged in the center for ease of shod animals and wagons. It is 100 feet across, with the center ‘road’ being 30 feet, enough width for two wagons to pass each other. The walls and sides form an arched shape, 100 feet high in the center, and made of 20 foot thick glass, all of one piece. Any Earth or Fire warlock would be able to sense the power used to create this work of immense beauty and awesome magnitude.

The shaft is supported by granite, though to see it you would have to be in the ocean.

At the end of the causeway is an immense circular wood platform, all of one piece that appeared to have grown to its current shape. With a diameter of 100 feet, any water or earth warlock would be able to sense the elemental’s work from the surface of the water, a quarter mile away. The platform acts like an elevator, raised and lowered by natural, elemental-driven hydraulics in the shaft under it. It is controlled by a console in the exact center, which has wooden buttons you press to raise or lower it, and a key slot to deactivate it.

The shaft takes you a half a mile down, and leaves you at the top of a second causeway. The size and shape are the same as the Path of Fealty, but the Path of Resolve’s walls and floor are seemingly made of flowing lava. An Air Warlock or a Fire Warlock that sees this has to roll a Save Vs Awe, for the elements are held in place by two Greater Elementals, one of fire and one of air, working in union. The floor seems as solid as the one before, but there is no slippage of hooves or wagon wheels, no matter where they are in the floor.

After only a half mile, you are let onto a large suspension bridge spanning a yawning black chasm, the magma and air causeway ends at the edge of the chasm. At the other end of the bridge is the beginning of the lands claimed by Terosh. It sits like a floating island in a sea of blackness, surrounded by a 1 mile wide chasm. The outside walls of the subterranean cavern look like they were cavern walls sculpted out of glass. The darkness is broken in places by the reflections of giant sea creatures patrolling the walls of the place.

The island is several miles across, and is as lush as the Yin Sloth Jungles. It is hot and humid, roughly 90 degrees, with peaks of 110 degrees, with 100% humidity. The homes are sealed, with ‘Drystones’ and lined with eternal ice. The center of the island rises to a peak, where a waterfall reaches down from the top of the cavern ceiling, 1 mile from the base of the island. The water pools there, and has several outlets that flow down to the rest of the island.

Even coming from the Baalgor Wastelands I can say that is one extreme location, and if we shatter the walls the northern seas will flood the place and kill everyone! It is unavoidable because, Terosh – the Iceborn, deceiver of his flock has in his possession the Lawgiver’s Left Eye! Somehow we must unmask him for the creature he truly is so maybe we can save those innocents mixed among the radicals of the movement?

Father Donal, I have met a Jotan Giant named Stonelogger. This Jotan reminded me of one other person I have met, the Slayer of Mountains. For both have lived through the Elf-Dwarf War! Having spoken with both of them I can see how that event changed their view of the world forever, much in the same way mine is being tinctured with now. Stonelogger has retreated from the world to a large extent and the Slayer is trying to further a cause of peace. How, is a secret he covetously guards the way kings still seek rune weapons to this day. Discerning why beings of such age choose to take a particular action is a field of study I am sure, however, trying to discern such truth may drive the seeker mad. While I know the Emperor does not want to hear this. He should now actually be very happy the Slayer never directly involved himself largely in the affairs of the Western Empire. That means that all of the success the Emperor has had and will have is his and his people’s alone! A full third of CrIsis hails from the Western Empire: Khonsu’s Reaper and Bast’s Free Agent. Please inform the Emperor we will not abandon the country that kept its word. The seditious Middle Kingdoms broke the White Paper Treaty regarding the Demon Black Ships!

So speaks the God of Oaths.

Lady Moli, this next part involves both you and the good Father. As emissaries of your respective courts I feel the imperative to lay out a chain of events that will happen or I will have broken my word. Those consequences are lethal for me indeed. CrIsis must dispatch Terosh, then reinstate King Minischmee and Queen Christine to the Bizantium Throne. From there we will head to help end the civil war in the west. Then please inform your Lord(s) that the Elven Kingdoms would be the closest of the three cities. Since everything I am stating is vague and non-committal let me be more clear. We will either be dead or done with the Terosh portion of the north within the next fortnight. Again we will either be dead or done in the north and inside the Western Empire by the holiday of the Lord of Knowledge upon the 21st of Thoth. After this we shall head to Phi for the “mutually beneficial” chat.

I will also remind Professor Malkin about a location I am hoping he can help us locate the Island at the Edge of the World or whatever that means? Lady Moli perhaps your Lord knows of this mysterious land or one that can point us in the direction? It is my fervent hope that having a date will allow his mind time to rest and work with more focus toward the grand and glorious task of world peace. Father Donal, I am hoping this missive provides a similar level of peace that we will come and not only save Bishop Lamriel, recover the Lawgiver’s Left Hand, and aid in the pursuit of peace for the Empire.

With high hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn


Immortal Minotaur Demigod

Arcanist Holy Paladin for Osiris the Lawgiver

War Wizard & High Weaver of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Member of CrIsis

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of the Shield Of Light


Sent on the 16th of Corg, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.


Pictures by AZ_Rune.


9 Responses to “From The God of Oaths

  • Good, reaching out to allies. Also Xerx’ses has become quite the Leader, while CrIsis tends to not except “leadership” well, he should embrace this role and use it to influence the group in it’s tasks.

    • I agree with all of your points. Until he became a Demigod I couldn’t justify him as a leader. Quite the change of pace, I’m glad it was noticed and we’ll received.

  • Xerx’ses said nice things about Lictalon, with no statements of negativity. I may faint now…

    • With two Rakshasa imitating heads of state, I’m sure you can see why it appeared sketchy. With reports regarding the Old One and the Tree of Life. He appears good, so now we will try and give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • CrIsis does not re-instate Kings and Queens. Who are we to do so? CrIsis is aiding the true King and Queen in re-attaining their rightful thrones. We will not place them on thrones they already belong on – we will merely clear it off of the garbage currently sitting on it, on their behalf.

    Sometimes the arrogance of CrIsis is insufferable.

    • I disagree on a fraction that since Bast was involved with Algor and Kym-Nark-Mar in picking the king. Xerx’ses as a member of the Pantheon of Ra is merely fixing the problem and at worst has simply chosen words that can be taken the wrong way.

  • And I remember the days when guarded bridges were simple:

    “He who wishes to cross the bridge,
    must answer me these questions three,
    ‘ere the other side he see.”

  • I find it interesting that people should be studying what Vesuvia wrote about. Since we are going to have to break in and deal with that, then get out.

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