Giants and the Arm

Empire of Giants!

Master Azariel,

You were told of the quest of Rystrom Khejas and the search for the Left Arm of Osiris, but we have new developments! One of the Khejas clan, the illustrious leader of the Royal College of Navigation and brother of Rystrom, has allowed us study of the original letters he received from his brother, rather than the copies we have had, while Galtron had business in Lopania. We have discovered a cipher!! A hidden code that ran through a number of his letters, and it gives a small amount of information before Rystrom’s capture.

There is a kingdom of Giants called the Nimro Kingdom, and the person whom is rumored to hold the Arm is none other than the King of that place!

The King is rumored to be named Sunder Blackrock, and he is a Nimro Giant. He rules from a fortress that is part of the great volcano Mt. Nimrod!! It is said that the Arm is always with him.

I know that this is not heartening news, but it is the information you requested.
May the Light Always Shine Upon You!
The Three Scholars

Picture from Palladium Books.


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