Gnomish Savior

Willy sat in his new room in a cave hutch that was now his bed. He looked out over the cave entrances down the cliffs below. He could see the small trees that looked like ants. He passed his pipe to Black Thunder, who quickly snatched it up and began puffing away. The weed plant sat on another rock near the cave entrance. It was a nice parting gift from the room’s former owner.  They relax taking in the smoke. The view is not unlike the one he had back at home.  Willy thinks back to his people. His people like many gnomes were happy to partake in nature’s bounty. They even had festivals where the elders would imbibe on the sacred mushrooms to have visions and tell of the prophecies.

The most famous Prophecy is one of the gnome that would bring one thousand years of peace. To know of it though you must first learn that there was once a mountain gnome who was able to tame not an eagle, but a mighty Garuda. Tales of a shadow that would  cover entire towns would mean the doom of any who would threaten the gnomes. Retribution was swift. The gnome led the gnomish people in great victories in battle and soon the gnomes lived in a time of peace for a thousand years. The eagles soared under the protection of his  mighty wings till one day the dirt called both the Garuda and its rider to it once more. There are prophecies that once more a new rider will mount one of these mighty beasts again and lead the gnomish people to another thousand years of peace. Or so the tale says.  Willy knows it will happen, but not in his lifetime. For now he and Black Thunder smoke. They both chuckle at all the craziness that has happened with this group so far. It’s the same story just a different setting. He lays down and closes his eyes. War. War never changes.


Picture from Pinterest-RocVSKnight.


5 Responses to “Gnomish Savior

  • I love the mythology of the tale! Well done!

  • I love the snippets of a past history that we’re getting with his logs.

    A Gnome taming a Garuda though? Isn’t that like a flea taming a dog?

    • The flea is a mighty creature, and thus legends are born!

  • While he claims he is not the Gnome of the legend, it is hard to not see the potential for him becoming the legend.

    • Or getting swallowed in one bite by a Garuda….

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