Greetings From The God of Lies

For Every Action Has It’s Opposite


I write this to remind you that we are watching. We know that you have lost your only chance to defeat ReSet in my Opposite Number. We know that your Weak Priest has abandoned you, and that you now meet with the egotistical Elf God, who only cares about his own purposes.

Know that we no longer feel you are a threat, and will be taking the pieces that you carry when the Predictable One gives in to his hate and anger, and comes for Revenge.

It is so wonderful to know that you have no hope, and we only crush you when you are close. The Undying One will see you in the Western Empire, and that will be the last thing you see.

The Dark Will Triumph!
The God of Lies

Delivered Ra 29, 114.

Picture of Zizean from our own AZ Rune


9 Responses to “Greetings From The God of Lies

  • I’m not sure if I should be relieved or annoyed that Silent Dream wasn’t even mentioned.

  • How do you believe anything coming from the chief liar?



  • Xerx’ses has to beg to have people join his guild, and give discounts! Zizean has the fastest growing guild in all of Palladium.
    So much fun to go back to writing this obnoxious character after all of this time…

    • God of Lies quote (there’s an oxymoron in there – gigglesnort), “I have the best guilds, I am going to make guilds great again!”


  • Wouldn’t The Undying One violate Article 6 of the Agreement if he interferes and takes Pieces of Osiris directly from CrIsis?

    #ZiZeanSucks #ApepiIsAnEarthWorm

    • You are correct, you would be facing April at half strngth

      • I know you meant Apepi, but when I read “April” I was reminded of the Dresden Files. April is a summer fae sidhe in the Dresden Files game I run. She has a sister named May and together they are the Heralds of the Transition from winter to summer. Their opposite is Jack Frost, the Herald of the Transition from summer to winter. They are what remains of the ancient spring and fall courts.

      • Dang autocorrect Apepi

  • Don’t let it rile you, folks!

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