Greetings From the Library!

Ja’Deir the Peacekeeper

My bestest friends, CrIsiS!

I am here, at the grandest place that mine eyes have ever seen, the Library of Bletherad– ok, second grandest next to any Pyramid of Osiris. I have become an assistant to the good Malkin Falimede! Wow, he knows lots of stuff! He entertains me with stories of the Defilers and Palladium History, and in return I tell him about my Home and my people. I so enjoy our talks! He is even joining me each morning at sunrise for my mudras and mantras!

He is nothing like the mean man that Xerx’ses described! In fact, he is willing to start writing the Books of CrIsis again, starting with Book 10, if Xerx’ses sends him a true apology! See, a nice guy!

Well, back to looking up stuff for Malkin! I hope you are all well!

Love, your friend,
Ja’Deir Ashada Mind Mage, disciple of Apis.

Sent to U’Selekma and forwarded to Xerx’ses by him.


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