Hale and Well Met

The Return of Terramore Gleba

I was contacted by Father Donal that you guys are seeking for me, specifically Indaris. I have recovered, as well as someone who has lost his entire command can salvage. I have gone back to what I seem to be good at, the bardic pursuits, for it is obvious that I should not lead anyone in battle.

Have heart, for Osiris spared me for a reason- to continue to spread the news of his return, and of your exploits! I shall be in Wisdom to see firsthand an event that bards shall proclaim for long after I have passed- the tale of Kel-ed’s successor. This occurs at the Spring Solstice, with nominations occurring on the Celebration of Apis! Truly a momentous occasion, and a serendipitous omen. Knowing that two of CrIsis are Guild members I hope to see you there!!

Know that I have met with the great Rod Rambler, and have been caught up on your tales! Fare thee all well!!

You will forever be celebrated by me, throughout your days!
Terramore Gleba


Written on Gryphon 12, in the 6th year of CrIsis.


Picture from Iron Realms.


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