He Left As Grand As He Entered

To King Guy the First, Bishop Tutu, and Master Mustrum,

I am sending this thru my fiance and the rest of the missive will be written to her with my requests to your three personages.

Nara, love, did I ever really tell you about why I looked upon the Oathkeeper as though he was the chosen one of the Pantheon of Ra as a whole? When Thoth, sent me to meet CrIsis for the first time everyone looked rather normal, standing among a cavern of Minotaurs! Then I saw him as a shadow at first, bronze scale mantel and shoulder plates etched with Ra’s Eye in them. What the light first caught was not the golden hue, or his gray skin at the time. Not even the charred flesh his left side was known for among the many Books of CrIsis.

It was the sword!

The sword stuck through his right pectoral muscle and sticking out his back just below his right shoulder blade! He was taller than any Minotaur I have ever seen since that encounter. It was breathtaking and he moved as though he was unconcerned and the rest of CrIsis acted as though this was simply just another day for them! That blow would have killed anyone else I had ever known up until this point and he looked concerned about others as he hefted Osiris’ Right Femur. I stammered through my introduction to the group and barely got out my message from Thoth in a coherent spew of words. He had to have been a front line fighter of legendary prowess I remember thinking.


I was informed rather casually that he was indeed the group’s wizard! I had met many a studied and practiced magic user from the Timiro Kingdom’s Land’s End Institute. Pale, gaunt, short, stout, nimble, are words most often used to describe those that don’t get out much. He was gentle, polite, unsure of himself at that time, but also tall, muscular, and fast! I don’t have to remind you about the Lopanic Games and his feats made there. Among so many races he was the best of us, and now he is gone.

Master Mustrum wrote him about lasting peace accords being discussed in Shadowfall. They were working on raising the membership of the Tri-Arcanum Guild with some of the Wolfen. It was asked of him to talk with King Guy about sending some young wizards to the Guild as well. I would also like to have you suggest to Bishop Tutu about sending a couple of Priests or Priestesses of Light as well. Perhaps, my sweet, you may even consider joining? We would be in the same faction as our abilities are granted to us.

I guess this missive has come to its end. I am trying to smile thinking about something amazing.

He left this world for me the same way he entered my life. Larger than life itself and saving people, including CrIsis, in a manner for which no one can return the favor. It feels like he knew all along how this was going to happen.

Please don’t let his faith perish, he kept his word and with his last act made sure he corrected his self-admonished failure with the Vequana and Captain De-Gioto.

He saved everyone!

My blessings upon thee,

Indaris, the Seeker of Light

Sent to Nara, on the 27th of Corg.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org


4 Responses to “He Left As Grand As He Entered

  • The note about the Vequana was very touching, thank you so much for seeing the best in all the PC’s.

    I’m not crying you are!

  • A very touching, personal remembrance.

  • Well…Ursus is going to have to do a proper tribute to the “Goldy One”. JUst going to have to figure out how. Don’t worry, it will be very Ursus whatever it may be.

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