Hero, Villain, or Just a Dwarf?

Helara Opines on Overkill

Kids and cuties, I am back with the exclusive of our times! My exclusive interview with the members of CrIsis. For those of you living under a rock, and that has to be one big rock, CrIsis is only the biggest thing to hit Palladium since the Defilers! As I have always said, no one is interested in sweetness and light. This ragtag motley crew definitely fits that bill. For Ra’s sake, they even count amongst them a Minotaur and a Kobold!!

The quick facts- while CrIsis’ roster has changed many times over the last 3 whirlwind years, there has been one constant- Overkill, the former pirate. More on him in a few shakes. The second longest in tenure has, in relation, only served just over a year, and that is the minotaur Xerx’ses, with all that is luscious, the elf Azariel joining just 3 weeks later. The human priest Indaris (he is still single, ladies!), and the kobold Asher have been with CrIsis just under a year, and the newest member, the ravishing Elven lady Caminata only mere weeks!

Here, for the first time in print, are the members of CrIsis, when they joined, how long they served, and when they left. Can you believe it- 24 total, including the current 6! It makes the revolving kingship of Timiro look like the model for stability!

Character Date Joined Place Started Race Class Date Left CrIsis

Alric 8/9/110 Lemaria Elf Assassin 8/13/110
Asher 12/28/111 Dragon’s Roost Kobold Psi-Mystic Still Going
Azariel (Yum) 6/23/111 Credia Elf Summoner Still Going
Bexx 3/2/109 Rifts Earth Human Mind Melter/ Merchant Marine 3/24/109
Bungo 7/9/111 Cyclone Halfling Thief 8/4/111
Caminata 5/21/112 Sekti-Abtu Elf Druid Still Going

Cava 3/18/109 Y-Oda Human Ranger 10/23/111
Chip 3/2/109 Rifts Earth Sea Titan Sea Titan/Ley Line Walker 7/19/110
Chu 3/18/109 Y-Oda Pygmy Scholar 3/25/109
Drauka 8/13/110 Lemaria Danzi Mercenary 4/15/111
Ferrel 8/13/110 Lemaria Elf Song Mage 4/16/111
Gavin 3/25/109 New Crests Child Mind Mage 6/23/111

Greldarr 3/7/109 Y-Oda Wolfen Priest of Osiris 1/25/110
Indaris 8/30/111 Serelan Cave Human Priest of Isis Still Going
Ja’Deir 9/29/111 Mishala Ashada Mind Mage 5/16/112
Karma 5/19/109 Credia Centaur Palladin of Thoth 4/16/111
Navelo 4/19/111 Stone Tower Human Holy Crusader 5/16/111
Overkill 3/4/109 Zy Dwarf Mariner Still Going
Rell 3/25/109 New Crests Human Master Collector 5/1/110

Roggan 4/15/111 Haven Troglodyte Earth Warlock 6/23/111
S’Erith 5/1/110 Me’zfii Onh Eandroth Spirit Monk 8/9/110
Tyvernos 7/29 /109 Seaholm Gnome Air Warlock 5/21/112
Vandur 4/15/111 Haven Titan Palladin 4/19/111
Xerx’ses 5/31/111 Wisdom Minotaur Wizard Still Going
Ylren 12/22/111 Dragon’s Roost Elf Longbowman 12/28/111

So, back to Overkill. You have heard the rumors all around Lopania– he changed allegiance from Gold Coast to their competition, Karowyn’s, he killed or maimed the manager of Gold Coast, he sleeps with anything that moves, and all the rest. Trust Helara to give you the straight beef!


He showed up to the interview looking like he combs his hair with an egg beater. However, he was smartly dressed, as were most of CrIsis- Asher needs a hairdresser as well though, as that combover would have looked out of place back in the days of the Defilers! I, of course, was in the finest of fashions- and girls, you should just get your hands on the new hats being sold through Chapeau! Simply marvelous! Overkill’s legendary temper was kept barely under control, but you could tell it was an effort! He said it was just simple misunderstandings! He had gone into Karowyn’s to check on CrIsis book proceeds, which had been established by Rod Rambler, not CrIsis!! So, then he was overheard by people at Gold Coast, and that, ladies and gentleman, is how it all started. He had not even removed any funds from Karowyn’s! Needless to say, before this report, myself and some of my little birds checked that out, as well as the rest of this story. Mind my stars, and I wish it was not that boring, but it was true!

So what about the incident later at Gold Coast, my little chickadees ask….. Well, did Overkill scream loud enough to be heard in Llorn? Yes!! Did he kill or maim the manager? This one was cloudy for a while, but here is the straight scoop. Overkill did dress down the man, and Indaris did pull Oathbringer (and might I tell you, that is an impressive weapon) in his friend’s defense, but the manager was hale and whole when they left. Now how did he lose his leg you ask- that is more muddled. I, being the honest reporter that I am saw the man’s leg myself- let me tell you that I didn’t even want to eat at the Magiras after that, kiddies! Unless a sword can be used to generate bite marks there is no way Overkill did that!! No, honeys, his leg was bit off, and while the Minotaur might have a big enough mouth to do that, he does not have those type of incisors! So CrIsis had nothing to do with that! Framed they were, as I will bet my entire collection of hats!!

So I, Helara Hoppner, will swear- Overkill is a loyal member of CrIsis, and of Gold Coast! Some of them even sang that night, with Azariel exquisitely playing along. Overkill in singing, well, what his voice lacked in quality made up for it in volume! He is a fighter and lover, not a singer…..

More on the rest of CrIsis later, but had to set the record straight.

Until next time!
Helara Hoppner

Included in this article are pictures of each of CrIsis! Portraits by our own Gaitkeeper.
Helara Hoppner picture is really Hedda Hopper.


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