Highway to the Friend Zone

The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity

Dear Cherkanan,

I am sorry I have not written you sooner. This quest has taken many strange turns. In many ways the things we have seen and accomplished seem too fantastical to be believed. But I cannot blame my lack of communication on the quest alone. In truth having magic pigeons at my disposal is an unfamiliar luxury that I have trouble remembering to use. Even though they are Magic Eagles now thanks to Xerx’ses and The Guild it does no good if I don’t use them.

To say that you and I are “just friends” is accurate in some ways but very wrong in others. I do still believe you and I have a deep connection. But I have spent enough time among a Priest and a follower of Bast to know that the physical pleasures we shared are not what connected us. In this way we are “just friends.”

Our connection comes from our shared interest in the improvement of psychic abilities through Refinement. It was with your help that I even realized that path. By the grace of the Gods I have found that path again. In truth I have begun to question if it was ever truly lost. You were the one who opened this path to me. Because of that you are always a part of my thoughts and prayers. Because of that we are connected in ways that transcend “just friends.”

Before our very unexpected and brief visit to Llorn we were in Renvin. While there I was able to meet the great Lictalon face to face with the rest of CrIsis. I might be reading into it but I could swear I saw him smile when I mentioned Mistress Korath. He liked the idea of expanding upon psionic knowledge through the path of Refinement when I talked to him about it.

In fact I spent several days with the Healers in Renvin. I meditated and talked with the psychics there about Refinement and the Guild’s path of Convergence. I presented both as valid ways to expand their own psychic knowledge. I suggested that they make the journey to try and join the Tri-Arcanum if they were interested in Convergence. As for Refinement I could only suggest meditation and looking for books by the mysterious Millenkosh. I don’t know if any will make the journey to the guild – I wonder if the Tri-Arcanum could open a branch there?

May the grace of the Gods keep you safe and well.

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Note: This letter was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 15th day of Kym-nark-mar, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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11 Responses to “Highway to the Friend Zone

  • To go from major connection to friendzoned, so depressing.
    Well written, and very cool- but she may be heartbroken.

    • Still a connection… just not perhaps for the reason she thought.

    • She did not strike me as stupid I suspect she may even be relieved when people come clamoring around. Another reason to keep Mary away from all of this.

  • What is this high way that you speak of? Is that the upper level at Haven?

    • Not “high” as in up… Maybe ask No Name to explain the “High way,” it’s all a part of that Western Empire experience.

  • Me too, but its not serious until he sets her on fire. So friendzone it is.

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