She stands there in anticipation. Biting her nails as she peers into the basin. Tension fills the ghostly plane. Her follower stands quietly behind her.

The Man finishes cleaving a creatures head from its shoulders. The bleak situation was turning in their favor. The Fox stood there concentrating as henchmen were thrown across the room. His warnings still hung in the as their brave comrade Heebo laid dead on the floor. Then He spoke with such authority. The henchmen lowered their weapons and backed away making a path directly to his quarry. The Man smiled and charged towards him. He pulled his scythe back and swung. It sinks into the necromancer’s chest. His soul starts leaving his body.

The woman smiles with relief.

The necromancer smiles as he is defeated and finishes his spell. It hits the Man and his soul begins leaving his body while heading towards a clay jar in the necromancer’s hands. Fear fills the man as he has no choice. He whirls around and reaps his own soul. The necromancer crumbles with a smile on his face. A small cackle fills the air followed by the breaking of the jar hitting the ground. The Man falls to the ground. He crumples over.

“No!” she screams! She grabs the basin and flips it onto the floor. Its contents pour onto the ground. She falls to the ground sobbing. “You were my hope. Without you I am lost.” Her tears hit the puddle on the ground. She looks with blurry eyes at the motionless man in the liquid. She pounds at it with closed fist. Then as the water settled she sees it. His arm moves and pushes himself up gingerly. She pulls herself an inch away from the water. Her eyes strain in disbelief. Hope is restored. She lounges over the puddle in prostrate manner. She fears to leave it, for it may not be true if she does.

He gets up and is teleported away. His mind screams at him in fear. Only one thing fills the Man’s mind. “I must find her. I must bring her back. Only she can fix this. She is my only hope!”

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