I Am Good at Murder

And I Hate It

Dear Indaris, Member of the Gifted-

I wished to let you know what awaits you if you come near the Wolfen Empire, or the northern sections of the East. War is not pretty, and it is especially terrible when noble races face each other.

Currently I do not feel noble at all, however. I feel sullied, slovenly, begrimed. I have slain or contributed to the death of countless Wolfen. The Army of the East, led by those of us in the Tri-Arcanum, have taken the vital city of Seaholm. Many have perished on both sides, too many.

I saved one that you may know, a Sassfire Bellode, who claims to be the mother-in-law of Gavin, former member of CrIsis. Unfortunately so many were never saved.

It is my understanding that we are waiting here to keep this port city while the rest of the army under the “leadership” of General Coldwell. If your editor doesn’t mind taking something out, I should say boot and whip, the man only leads by fear. Speaking of fear, the Duke and his Whelp have gone to Haven to try and search for you- glad you escaped, but expect some to be following you.

Be safe, and good luck! Trust no one.
Your friend-

Sent on the 1st of Ra in the 344th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Possessed King picture from Paul Bonner

One Response to “I Am Good at Murder

  • As a player, I feel bad for the duke. Knowing how screwed he is, but as the PC. I think about the Elf-Dwarf War and cry that we can’t stop the madness.

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