I Don’t Lie Mom!

Hey Mom,

I never lied. Told you he was taken by the goblin king for eating my cream puff, but you never listened. Anyhow I am sad that you did not use your perfectly good eagles to come visit me. I have one last concert before I face certain doom. Anyhow Bilby is gonna come too so maybe you really should come. Just saying. Anyhow also can you bring some of that fancy sauce from that restaurant I like back home? You know the place. Also I found someone that seems pretty good, so don’t worry about setting me up. Hope to see you in Caer Itom. If you aren’t there, don’t bother bringing the sauce, unless you are sending it to Hades where I will be going after my next adventure. No seriously that is where we are going. Also I heard rumors that the one talked about in legend may be coming soon. I don’t believe it yet, but a friend saw it.


Picture from IncredibleEgg.


4 Responses to “I Don’t Lie Mom!

  • Legend? Wait, Tyvernos is joining the band? About time!!!

    • Tyvernos is a different kind of legend…

  • I can’t believe he talks to his mother this way! I really hope his mom and all his siblings show up in Caer Itom now out of spite and she gives him a stern scolding in front of everyone!

    • Thinking seriously of having Rosie make Willy’s butt rosy.

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