I Owe You My Life

You Have My Worship

Dear Master

I am humbled by your power! You have my eternal worship, thanks, and I will strive each day to become the man that you are! Your loyalty in braving danger just to bring me back humbles this lowly servant.

I am training hard each day to be a Knight worthy of your Name! I have told many of your story, and when I am able to afford it will buy the latest book of CrIsis to tell more of it. I am holding on to what little I earn as an apprentice to be able to do so- but news that the newest book has me really excited- it is released tomorrow, on the Festival of Bennu. I think I will be able to buy it next month.

Please write me to let me know you are well!

Forever Humbly Your Servant-


Sent on the 14th of Pegasus in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas.

Picture of Artorias from Picture from ArthurRoberto.


2 Responses to “I Owe You My Life

  • An uncharacteristically heartfelt and open communication from Artorias. If he’s trying to be like the Nameless Man then he’s off to a bad start.

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