“If I Survive, What Then?” – Part 2

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Professor Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Good Master Chronicler of Light,

~ The 11th of Selestra ~

I am writting this while Professor Malkin is standing next to my shoulder correcting my hand’s posture! Now he is laughing with some Elven Mage, Haladriel, I believe I overheard. Now he is…

…yep that is a joke about Minotaurs having only three fingers and a thumb. While I will not risk the crazy mage’s wrath since he yanked Father Indaris and I from the entrance to the Library of Bletherad. Then deposited us upon the side of a mountain! Where I might add the group just recovered what I believe to be five rune weapons from the lava! Still, jokes aside, CrIsis did something I was worried about not being possible, they operated as a “Team” without either sea or land leader present.

If Master No Name is right about the facts he convinced Professor Malkin to believe there is a chance Lord Raulf is still alive! Then the good Father and I have done our due diligence in gathering information regarding our cause. It is amazing to watch the tortured soul of Master No Name become a hero for a separate race, no, a person most others would see in bondage. That is a testament to his soul and character.

Oh Master Chronicler of Light, I am sorry but it was only receently pointed out to me that Malkin is not a brother but a professor now since he is not officially part of the Library staff. Please pass on my apologies for getting his title mixed up. Thank you kindly.

~ The List of Found Books by Date ~

I was aksed by my “Spellborn Twin” on the 27th of Corg to not cast a Cloud of Slumber Spell over the whole of the world by detailing everything I found. I have opted to list them and the dates they were found. Any additional notes I have tried to keep brief.

‡ 2nd of Corg: Seba – It’s True Meanings: Author – Douche Pidar (Elven)
‡ 2nd of Corg: Wolfenbrutt (Cross-referenced) Hand written note (I know it is in Giantese tongue).
‡ 2nd of Corg: Books refrencing Seba (Prophet section)
‡ 2nd of Corg: Bizantium Law: A Beginning Law Student in Legal System – Prince (Prince Section of Primary Books): Succession Law

• 3rd of Corg: I came across a mention of Terosh in the uncatalog portion of the basement.
• 3rd of Corg: Reference guide about Seed Libraries (Grab the books listed about)

‡ 4th of Corg: The Book of Osiris (I think why is obvious)
   – Enlightening but needs more reading to delve into secrets.
   – 5th of Corg: Figured out a code in the Book of Osiris
   – 7th of Corg: The Great Keeper provides a Cryptogopher that deciphers the code – “All the pieces must be assembled on the world that prevents the lost of all worlds!” OMG this is proof Old Ones are buried on this world! We are the world that prevents the others from destruction!

≜ 7th of Corg to the 14th of Corg: A team of monks and I scour the Library for a week and I am the one looking for the Dwarven and Elven references (I read Dwarven native go figure). 9 sections of the library were searched and every reference to Tolmet and Lictalon (A one time ruler of Hades!!!!!) is gone/missing/stolen.

• 15th of Corg: I’m visited by Brother Rrgrllaph at the 16th bell of the day. In recognition of helping the library he is offering to help me find one topic, so I give him Terosh and what I have found so far about the brief mention. He says he will meet me back here on the same balcony at the same bell on the 29th to give me what he finds.

• 17th of Corg: After spending two days in the Cryptic section I found three verified Elven spellings for Osiris and two verified Dwarven spellings for Osiris. There are clearly more but could not verify them as legitimate since I lost a week of time to a worthy search.

• 21st of Corg: In the Prophet section I find a rare book: The Travels & Trevails of Isis, by Xar Xar of the Defilers. (I will have to check the Haven bookstores for this).

• 23rd of Corg: I found in the Wanderer an unamed account of someone stating that the King of the Giants is slaying Gromek with single blows of the Golden Arm. I was able to discern the passage is written by Rystrom Khejas within the last 1-5 years! I tried to get it copied but a Sulestan born Elf Monk tries to take it away. He manages to get my quill from me so I use my claws to prick my hand and copy the info in my blood on the parchment I have. Security is called and I am escorted out. Clearly my aid to the library is earning me some kudos because after I hand over the scroll I get the quill back and the elf wanders off muttering about losing money at the games! The escort out gives me the option of just walking out casually to not make it seem like I am being asked to leave. They commented how nice I am as they leave me in the foyer to gather my things from the locker. That evening a group ask to come aboard Rogtilda and explain the Keeper agrees with the Monk that copying down undocumented items is against their rules, however, my aid to the library means the banishment shall only be 24 hour bells starting at Highmoon on the 24th to Highmoon on the 25th of Corg. I thank them and one of them is a fan of mine. I didn’t know I actually had any?!?!?! They have invited my tribe to visit the Library. WOW!!!! When the crew finds out I got kicked out for “BUCKING THE SYSTEM” a party erupts that night. Eyes seems to be looking out the port holes and mumbling about “someone” and “farming” and “missing them.” Hmmm, it would appear No Name found his special Elf.

• 17th, 21st, and 23rd of Corg: Books found with Seba symbol, and stored for Ja’Deir to glean word. Magic Pigeon sent to him at the end of each day away from the Library in case Xerx’ses does not see him.

‡ 24th of Corg: The day of banishment is spent in Bletherad walking around as a hooman in his Sulestan Elf explorer’s outfit. Callandor on my hip is what gave me away to the crew and CrIsis. Oh it was a grand day eating and lounging about!

• 25th of Corg: My return to the library can really be sumrmized better in that smaller “Pigeon Spell Missive” I sent to you Good Master Scribe of Light.

• 27th of Corg: My rune ring, Magos, says we have spent more time connected and as our bond grows stronger she reveals more of her power to me in the form of an ability I can use once a day (please edit this part out) of targeted nullification of magic! Hard to believe it has only been six months since that battle in Caer Itom

• 27th of Corg: In the Hall of the Fool’s classic art section I find a book call “On Tapestries: A Treatise” and within it is a red pattern tapestry with suns and moons (light and dark anyone), a Crystal Ball upon it, and Kidney inside it! This is the first legitimate reference to the Kidney of Osiris!

• 29th of Corg 16 bells: Brother Rrgllaph shares everything he found out about the Northern Kiridin, known as Terosh to his small nation of fanatics. Terosh and an army of his followers, with help from barbarian tribes that had been conquered by the 3 Furies, and Nightcloud, specifically. Having defeated them he is now in possession of the Lawgiver’s Left Eye! He has grown in power, and worship, and there are rewards being given to find the locations of other pieces.

~ End of List ~

The night of the 27th of Corg CrIsis sat down for a group dinner to share everything we had up until that point. Master Ja’Deir and I had a quick disagreement, but I have blundered over words and would be a poor excuse for a soul if I did not forgive when far smarter people are just as capable of being possessed of bad grammar choices. Also, it bears noting that everything Brother Rrgllaph found on Terosh merely confirmed all of what Master Ja’Deir had found. I told him about the Seba Reference Book, and Master Ursus presented notes as well which were mostly reference in nature but he attempted stuff well outside his comfort zone. A worthy trait to know of such a fellow teammate.

The information on the 29th of Corg I’m including after the Wolfen Monk and I spend the night drinking. I know a feat I rarely do. However, it helped steel me for an uncomfortable meeting in my room upon the soul of my friend, Rogtilda. In that evening hour I normally have to myself, I told my “Spellborn Twin” that day I was glad he is getting the chance to meet people and interact on his own. Also, that not every place will be so welcoming, especially in the northern realms. Then I leveled the hammer on something he was not expecting. I believe there will be a chance to return to my homeland of the Etrinan Fortress of the Wastelands. If that is indeed true then he will stay behind as CrIsis continues on our quest. For better or worse I feel that this will be the next best piece of the puzzle of helping bring information about the world to my homeland and the diarchy of Chieftain Stonemace and Chieftain Xixin. He said with glee that while leaving what he has known will likely feel sad at some point one does not grow without experience, and finally getting to meet some family will be wonderful!

I can only assume the agony I am feeling about my decision is what a parent goes through. All I want him to do is be safe, survive, and become a real, living, breathing, person. Because I did not give him the emotional context to my memories he is blissfully unashamed of his scarring on his left side. If I had only killed Zii’clymnt at that time maybe I could have prevented Luur’na from failing Isis and following demonic masters. That might have even saved my brother, but these are “what if’s” and forlorn hope. I can’t change the past and Kom’var may be my best shot at getting a “do over” for Rostam and I.

Back tracking a bit, during that time I had assisted in finding out some book thieves have been working the Library for references to Tolmet and Lictalon the Arch-Mage of Legend. I found a bit of cloth with a “G” embroidered upon it. I know the only place I’ve seen this is Master Alchemist Gabriel. I took and did not share this discovery with the Great Keeper, because I don’t want to throw him under the wagon before I am sure and not suspect or leaping before the wagon in bad judgement.

Father Indaris found a key piece of information and only now I am realizing I know exactly (well really close) where the Lawgiver’s Kidney is!!! Back on the 27th of Corg I came across the book “On Tapestries: A Treatise” and within it is a red pattern tapestry with suns and moons (light and dark anyone), a Crystal Ball upon it, and Kidney inside it!

Now why this is important is what Brother Indaris between the 1st and 11th of Selestra found out from a book called: Seba and the Sulestanni. It would seem they have adopted it as their seal of their nation! Now the book talked about how they combined magic and psionics during the Age of a Thousand Magicks! Apparently, they created a city in the Old Kingdom Mountain range! It is all tied together because I know the ancient name for those mountains was “Lictalon’s Scar!” That was also during the time of the New Kingdom before the the War of the Fair and the Strong and then became known as it’s current monniker of “Old.” I bet these Sulestan Elves are related the ones from the Age of Light that died out in the Northern Hinterlands watching the mountains that block the monsters from the Land of the Damned and us. Sorry, I am so excited because he found a map that shows this valley and copied it. Imagine a whole city that:

‡ Has a crystal somewhere within it that hides the Kidney of Osiris!

‡ May have a seed library, like the Etrinan Fortress once had!

This gets even better because we have Song of the err… Yeah we have a key to help us find the kidney but now, NOW WE KNOW THE LOCATION! Well it’s still somewhere in that valley, but WOO HOO!!!!!

Oh, yes, I know the Sulestan Elves hate me and I am likely walking into death trap but either Terosh’s group murders me, the Elves murder me, the Demons murder me, or crafty kobolds get it done. I don’t have time to hide in fear, like a Dwarvish Opera you either love or hate me! HAHA! Another funny!

The rest of the group opted to head off with Professor Malkin to the Volcano of Y to look for the items that were spotted by Master No Name’s spiritual familiar: Tobi. As one can read from the beginning of this elongated missivie they were successfull in their adventures here. From what they tell me it was thought we had lost the Ashada. Master No Name conceived a plan with Mistress Hannah and Master Ursus to save him from another Nightstalker Dragon that lived in Haladriel’s Undermountain dungeon!! See, that is teamwork and loyalty!!

Every time I think I am done with this log one of my friends comes back over to remind me of something I forgot. Such is my memory and its a wonder to the joking elves I can remember my name it seems. Sweet Mistress Hannah reminded me the extra Ranger she met is clamouring to get to Haven and with the pigeon message from Master No Name’s mentor, Logan about the horde of undead that has grown in 6 months since Sir Quixis Ote, gave us warning back in Algor of this year.

Please allow me a small pause but I have officially completed two years in CrIsis on the 31st of Corg, and Mistress Annie made a complete multiple course meal theme around my favorite food, carrots! Every dish, drink, and carrot cake was something I could not have gotten in my homeland. It was a wonderful party and even our new fan, Rian Seacress, was there and got to join in the fun. Father Indaris is keepin an eye on him but after a few prayers and spells can’t prove he is a villian in disguise. Which means he is welcomed until proving otherwise.

The follwoing day was the Festival of Peace and Brotherhood that Master Gavin help to create. It was interesting to watch Father Indaris and Master No Name become the ones almost ignored because if was the non-hoomans getting thanked for helping to promote tolerance in the world.
Auntie Ev, whom hosted the event was kind enough to share all of his notes about Yggdrasil, Glade., and the famous Millennium Tree. I will not list them here, but our group has shared them amongst ourselves. I shared my story about Jaymus Murry meeting Thoth with him I got from the books. Because of course our books are in the Library of Bletherad as well!

Now that I feel I have covered the last six weeks fairly well. Oh good grief can someone please ask the crazy Arch-Mage, Haladriel, to stop using my horns to start knitting a scarf from?!?!?!

Frickinssdvoijnsdvoinv, grrrrr!

I think this guy is insane and if it were not for the power I can feel emmanating from him I would pay him a less than kind word or three.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent at Highmoon upon the 29th of Corg, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ_Rune.
Map by FeroceFV.







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