I’m The Only One

Who’ll Drown In My Desire For You

To the My Big Oaf, who needs my guidance,

Ok, I think I can forgive you. Now that is out of the way, here is a message for you and the rest of CrIsis from the great Malkin, whose patience exceeds mine by far!



Dear Indaris and the rest of CrIsis,

First, I received Khonsu’s Reaper’s apology, and look forward to the meal. I will reach out to Haladriel to see if he can solve the magic hawk problem. I suggest that you also reach out to known experienced mages- perhaps someone at the Tri-Arcanum can solve the issue.

Your request for information on the one called Mayor Stephen has truly opened some eyes!! This was a threat that was truly unclear, but now is much more known! Thank you for that- you have saved many lives in both the Eastern Territories and the Wolfen Empire. Both sides had thought that they had lost troops to each other- in reality the Evil Necromancer Steve has taken many from both!! He already has an army, and his reach is great! Do not go near the area without great stealth!!

I have reached out to a Danzi friend of mine as well- the Fiend has taken many of their people as well! He seemingly has a power to make them appear not as undead, but as the living!!

Both High Snow of the Wolfen and Duke VasPasseon of Llorn have offered assistance if you need it. They have established a border, and each have come up with a test to see if someone approaches is turned…. I suggest that you see one, or both. The Duke has again asked me to remind you that he is in your debt.

Now Ansa has something she needs to share with Ursus. Fare thee well! I hope to see you all soon. Ley-Rhy has stated that they are on to the final piece of the Seba code.

Okay, so Malkin says I need to tell you why I have not been myself. I am with your child. Yes, you are to be a Father. So my “moods” have been, as Malkin says, slightly erratic. He is teaching me much about calmness and peace. I have learned so much from him, and will stay here until you are done with your quest. The little one will be safe here as well- most of the Monks of the Library are wonderful. I am even learning a new defensive fighting style. I will slow down in the month of Seha, near the end, and the little one or ones (twins are common in my line) will be born near the middle of Kagna. Hopefully you will be here for that.

There, it is said. Remember, I’m the Only One.




Sent on the 16th of Majestic in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire


Picture from our own AZ Rune.


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