Immortally Sexy

Or So the Book Says

My Darling,

Please try and give me as much warning as you can on the specific time of your arrival! At least a week would be preferred, although I of course want you in my arms today! There are rumours that you are already here in Caer Itom. Obviously more time will allow a greater crowd to celebrate your homecoming, and drum up more business.

Speaking of, a book was released not long ago, definitely not written by the great bard Rod Rambler! This book is entitled “Immortally Sexy”, and it is a romance novel about YOU! It makes the novel 20 Shades of Pink seem like children’s fare! The writer must have spent time here, and talked to others, for I recognized bits and pieces of past sessions here. All the names have been changed except yours, and reading some stranger’s interpretation of our relationship was disheartening (I hope that you do not feel that I lorded over you, or treated you only as a money making opportunity) but other bits were eerily accurate!

I am sure that some will bring the book for you to sign, but I highly recommend that you buy it and read it before you arrive, as I am sure references to it will be regular occurrences.

The cover features a human female that is supposedly me dressed up to imitate a female troll, barely covered. I may have to find a costumer that can approximate it- do you like it?

Ready to assist the one I love!
Forever in Bast,


Sent on the 17th of Thoth in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas to his His Holiness, who forwarded it to Grignak.


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