In Friendship, Beseech We

Duke of Llorn
My Lord Duke,

Greetings from CrIsis. While we’ve been at odds in the past, let me be the first to say that CrIsis wishes to have a more personable and professional relationship with you going forward. There have been missteps in the past, on both sides. Going forward, we shall in no way work against you. I swear, on the name of Xer’xses, the Demigod of Oaths, we will not knowingly work against you, and request from you the same.

Further, however, there have been some requests from others in the group, to completely assuage the hurt feelings of certain members of the group. The greatest of these comes from the followers of Khonsu. They would request that you fund and build a refuge temple for all followers of Khonsu, and anyone willing to listen to his precepts, on the border between the Eastern Kingdom and Wolfen Empire.

We do not ask this without offering something of our own. We go now to remove the Necromancer Steve. This will ease your people’s suffering, as he is creating an army of the dead. We will take what we can of that army, but any zombies that you can dispatch will, of course, aid both of us.

Should you have any need of further contact with us, we should be reachable by pigeon at (location removed by editor). We have no ability to promise when we shall visit you, as our time is currently pulled in more directions than we have members, but if we are able, then we will visit to prove that we hold no grudge with you over your actions, and truly repent of our own.

Member of CrIsis,
Former Slave,
Bast’s Free Agent,

Picture by Toni Justamante Jacobs


6 Responses to “In Friendship, Beseech We

  • “as our time is currently pulled in more directions than we have members,” I don’t know, with the Dickripper around you have plenty of members..
    I can just hear the Duke, “I finally get a note from CrIsis, and it is from the frickin’ troll slut from the West!”
    So glad someone finally wrote him- nice work.

    • But is Grignak a “Troll-Slut,” or a “Troll of the Night?”

      • Stop Trolling Grignak. What did he ever do to you? 🙂
        Grignak is definitely a Troll Gigolo, and a talented one at that. He is top, bottom, and everywhere in between with a Totem second to none.

  • So Troll shaming has finally come to Palladium, so sad 😉

  • All the puns are SOOOO cringe worthy…Besides, Grignak is not a TROLLop, he is a Servant of his God.

  • I sure am glad you will be reachable by pigeon and I sure do hope that is “magic” pigeon…..

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