In Memorium – Asher


I do not know if I am right in doing so, but last night I had a dream, and in this dream I saw myself entering Asher’s room and finding an unmailed letter there. This morning when I woke up, I went to his room, and there where I’d dreamed it would be I found a letter addressed to you. I include the letter here, hoping that I am wrong, but fearing that I am not.

Before I confirm your worst fears, I will allow him to tell you in his own words what has happened:

My oldest friend,

It would seem that this quest has been the end of me. We had a long run, didn’t we? I am dead. If there is anything just in this world, then you are receiving this letter before news of my demise reaches you. Do not mourn me, old friend. My life has been spent in the service of others, and I hope my death did the same.

There is much yet for you to do, and I truly hope that this does not convince you that it is all hopeless. I am even more convinced now that life will go on. I’ve been living on borrowed time for month’s now. I’ve felt how much the shadows of evil have been pushing in upon me, how they cover the light of my future. I wasn’t meant to survive this quest. My one regret is that I wasn’t able to complete my story. Let CrIsis know that I would still like for them to visit my home. We need to bring more races into our side of the fight, even if they are considered to be monsters by most of Palladium.

The composition of CrIsis is changing. No more are we mostly of the ‘good’ races. No longer are we part of the commonly accepted majority. I sense a true change being pushed upon the world of Palladium. Whether we are ready or not.

Remember me, my friend, and light a candle for my vigil, but do not weep for me.

Weep for me not,
I’ve died as I have lived.
Weep for me not,
There is worth in striving.
Weep for me not,
We are here for a mere moment.
Weep for me not,
Even worlds fail, why not I.
Weep for me not,
Life is for the living.

Life is for the living,
Be greater. Push further. Want life.
Life is for the living,
We should be kind when we are able
Life is for the living,
We protect the weak from the strong
Life is for the living,
Be good to everyone you can.
Life is for the living,
Weep for me not.

Your immortal (in print anyway) friend, Asher.

What would you have me do now? We’ve lost a member of CrIsis, or so I believe. Could any of them survive a dragon? Strangely these words give me comfort even in the face of the loss of the parts of the severed god that are likely now in the hands of a dragon. Reply to me at your leisure.


Picture of Asher by Peachyco


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