Instructions to the Crew: Decree to Party

Greetings Jershon,

I write to you as we prepare to travel to the West. Please do the repairs as necessary. I trust your judgment in finding a good quality work at a fair price. Also please create a memorial on board the ship for those that have fallen during this trip. Their sacrifice should not be forgotten. We will remember all once this trip is over and time of peace is upon us once more. For now, we still have our task ahead of us. Please take time during the repairs to celebrate the hard work the crew has done with rotating shifts to celebrate. Go out and have a fine meal and drinks to do so. Your hard work has helped us achieve many a deed that will aid the world at becoming a place of peace once more. We look forward to seeing you again soon. We hope to meet you in Cynopolis. Plan to travel there after repairs, unless we notify you of any changes. Be well and be safe. Remember, all crew lives matter.



Picture from Eat 24 Hours.


8 Responses to “Instructions to the Crew: Decree to Party

  • #AllCrewLivesMatter

    Love it!

  • Remember, all crew lives matter, so just go ahead and said to the most dangerous city in the world for anyone who is friends of CrIsis.

    I think perhaps they were to sail to a Western port we could meet them at so we could all sail to Cynopolis together?

    • Which is the reason someone should send a follow-up message next game.

  • I would love to see the reaction they would get as they pull into Cynopolis….
    Glad you told them to have a memorial and enjoy themselves!

    • Cynopolis Dockmaster: Are you daft!?! You are not leaving here alive!

      Jershon: Had no intention of doing so, thanks!

      Cynopolis Dockmaster: Wha, wait! WHat?

      Jershon: Well CrIsis called and said they are done stealing the hand and need a ride. You know this place seems awful calm for them having been here a week.

      Cynopolis Dockmaster: SOUND THE ALARM!! CRISIS IS HERE!

      Zorrus: Jershon you’re a dirty man, bravo.

      Jershon: they said distract the enemy.

  • Work Hard…Party Harder

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