Isis’ Seeker

You will be pleased to know that there is a small statue of poor Tamara in the Obelisk of Osiris complex, with a small description of her sacrifice. All acolytes are told her story to prevent the tragedy from reoccurring.

Your beloved Nara still needs training, and she is accompanying me now. It is so quiet here in Timiro compared to the rest of the World. I am pleased to report to you that King Guy is a phenomenal ruler! Some that hold on to the old ways would disagree, of course, and there have been attempts on his life, and we have lost some experience warriors to Llorn. It seems that they are recruiting any and all to fight the so-called Dogs, such a waste of lives. The integration of all races is occurring here, slowly but surely. I have spent much of my time preaching the goodness of the Light, and Nara is doing the same, to all of the newly welcomed Races all across Timiro! It has been pure joy to bring others to the Light, and Churches are growing across the nation!

I will gladly give from our coffers to start the orphanage that you requested when Nara’s training is complete- hopefully by Horus Day next year. Hopefully you can attend.

May the light of Isis protect you.

Bishop Tutu

Letter sent on the morning of the 10th of Kym-Nark-Mar in the 3rd year of King Guy.

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