Intentional Grounding

My Friend Silent Dream,

I have decided to journey to the Elven city of Renvin to inspect the strange rumours that I have heard concerning the city. I will not bore you with the long list, but the one that is recurring is that the magic of the Elves has returned to Renvin! No longer is it closed, as peace has come to the Eastand Wolfen Empire, but given their past I wish to see this for myself before they again close the city to all outsiders. I hope that as a citizen of Lopan I will gain entry.

I hope that you remember that Kankoran may not be meant to fly, but you should not intentionally ground yourself. You are a mind mage of considerable strength, and I believe in you! For Hades sake, Apis believes in you to force the great Ra take you into CrIsis! You should embrace all your new experiences, even flight!! Just think about it- you are a member of the legendary group, CrIsis! Soon you will appear in their Books! Toys for children will be made of your likeness! A statue shall be currently at the Obelisk of Osiris! You travel regularly with a Demi-God, and have sat at a table with all of the Gods of Light and Dark! You have fought alongside the legendary Jidian Kulder! So believe more in yourself!

I will write you when I can from Renvin. I have figured out from the books that messages to you must be sent to his Holiness– yet another reason to believe!

If you are meant to fly, fly, and enjoy it!


*Note:* This letter written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 22nd day of Grekar, 345th Year of the Eastern Dominion.

Elven City Image Credit: Philip Straub.
Moli Image credit: Daria Ridel

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