It Is Over

Give Up and You May Be Spared


I write this to the Priest, for not only is he the one that seems the most reasonable, but he is the one that decided to not meet with my Group, and therefore the death of the Pup is solely on his shoulders.

Yes, the death of Raulf was avoidable, but your Scion of Light chose to not negotiate, and one of yours is now ours. His howls of pain were delicious!!! I try and offer you an option, and you choose to insult.

Then I get the insult of the letter from the Gnat. You didn’t tell her, did you Indaris? Your passioned following of a Goddess not in her right mind has made you crazy as well, hasn’t it.

Dear Hannah- you had a chance to do exactly what you asked ReSet to do. CrIsis could have surrendered, and been allowed to live, had you realized that we had already won. Your human decided to fight, and because of it you lost a Piece of Osiris.

Allow me to address each of Hannah’s points-
We no longer need Anubis’ Sword to track you- you must come to us.

We do not have the Right Hand of Osiris. I believe it sits in the cesspool that is Sekti-Abtu. I understand that you might be confused, as you cannot actually understand concepts, being a fey.

You seem to not understand a basic fact about dying for us that worship the truth- we die serving our lord Anubis, and that means that we get to join him and be his soldiers of the underworld! No greater sacrifice can be made! Each of those slain you shall see if you are stupid enough not to surrender- they protect Çynopolis, along with those that have fought alongside CrIsis- I cannot wait to see Drauka, Overkill, Asher, and Raulf slay each one of you! Of course, if you surrender, and return all but the Heart back to us, you will not have to face your own- each devoted completely to our protection!

The little one talked of balance. This coming from the group that has killed an innocent creature mercilessly (how many nightmares does that give you Indaris?), has a spawn of the Old Ones as their “Golden” example, who has slipped so often that he is moments from the Dark (aren’t you Xerx’ses– you feel it each day, do you not?), a flying Squirrel that is just one moment from killing everyone (the stress is getting to you, isn’t it Ja’Deir?). You have the new ones in your group- the almost human that seems to escape death each time, obsessed with something he will not share- do you really think that the Man With No Name does not operate without the Dark’s blessings? Lastly you have a Werebear– enough said.

Those of you that have an ounce left of Light know all is lost, and those that serve Us know it is time. Give it all up- for you cannot win.

Hannah ended her letter, “You haven’t yet realized this, but you have lost. We’re just nailing you in your coffins. Now is your last moment, your last hope, your last chance to make something of yourselves other than abject failure.” Back at you Gnat….

Send your surrender care of me in Cynopolis, and we will negotiate your lives in exchange for the rest. Balance will be restored at your hands- by putting the Pretender back in his place.

Looking forward to seeing your souls delivered to Anubis in the end, the proper Lord of the Dead
The Agent

Grekar 6, 113

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