Journal of Grignak – Don’t Read

Thoth 6, 214

…The soldiers, for that is what they acted like, spread out around us and began to escort us down the road. They ignored all attempts for us, read me, to lure them into conversation, and in fact seemed a quite dour lot.

They were of the races that we’d come to expect in the Crystal Kingdom, and so were the, now normal, mix of Humans, Dwarves and Elves. It wasn’t such a hardship, walking in their midst, as it allowed me to truly stare at the land around us. This place was a bit idyllic, and I wondered at the magic leaching into the long mountain valley around the palace.

The inn came into view as the day wound down. It was run in a most peculiar manner to what I would expect of any business. No money changed hands. It was as if this place was giving out food and rooms as a charity, but there seemed to be little good will in the proprietor. Usually, we would be fine to pay for the extra food and drink we would consume, but without any ability to offer it, we were stuck with the meager amount provided.

I began a fast, without fanfare as such things should be done, and allowed Ursus to eat the food I would not. We were locked into our rooms early, and even though they weren’t dungeon-like, we were still imprisoned for nothing we had done.

Thoth 6-7, 214 Evening

Night prowlers made their way from room to room during the midst of the night, by which I mean that Silent Dream moved from room to room by way of the windows. I took my time while he moved around to show my devotion to the gods by turning the simple bed in my room into a work of art, changing the legs of the bed to resemble the likenesses of Thoth (in whose month we now live), Bast (my ever present mistress), Osiris (whose quest we strive to complete) and Isis (who first sponsored our quest).

Apparently the noisy prowling of our mage of the mind was in order to add Ursus to our mind-meld. Once he was added, and while I added a few finishing accents to my art, we discussed whether we would stay the remaining portions of the night. Most chose to stay, so the noisy prowler made his way back to his room and most went to sleep.

I uttered prayers over my newly formed facsimile and myself went to bed.

Thoth, god of the month,
Thoth, wisest of the gods
I purify myself in preparation of our siege of the Crystal Palace. Send upon us the inspiration we will need to properly overcome not only our foes, but the Pandemoniums that will be set against us.
Amon Ra.

Thoth 7, 114

The next morning, Torrun joined me in fasting. He was simply the first. Multiple other members of CrIsis ended up giving their food to Ursus who ended the meal replete. Unfortunately, at no point was I able to Bless the group, so we were lacking in our normal protection from evil this morning.

The interrogators arrived as we ate and explained we would be examined without any of our magical devices. Not only that, but we would need to be stripped completely and enter in naked. Ideas of how to torment our captors danced through my head, but all came to nought.

Torrun is much more useful than at times he seems. It is not that he is a dandy or a fop, but he is a prince, which in my past experience means that he has more theoretical experience than practical experience.

That being said, he was able to completely derail the entire plan of the enemy simply by being a prince. When the dwarf sent to accost him saw the signet ring of Ithan on his finger it made the enemies arrayed against us cower back in awe, and possibly a little fear.

They began a forced march toward the palace as soon as all of us undisrobed ourselves. Again, I was struck by the beauty of the valley around us, entirely protected from the harsh snows by the magic emanating from the Crystal Palace.

Toward midday, the walls surrounding the palace came into view. They were a monstrosity of elven engineering, attempting to overcome their opulence with grandeur. After this simple majesty of the millennium tree, they fell flat in their attempts. Granted, this is a monument to the capabilities of mortal hands, but at what cost to the elegance of nature around it?

It took us until the sun had past the horizon, but not much beyond, to reach the palace and enter into the domain reserved unto the King and Queen of the crystal palace. Something in my bearing seemed to intrigue the King, for he singled me out with a touch that fair sizzled with magic. None of it reached me due to the timely distraction of Merkl, but I could tell the King instantly thought me his man.

We ate a meal with the King and his Queen, although no love was lost between the two of them, and they made no efforts to disguise that they sought to stake a claim amongst the members of CrIsis. The queen, it seemed, was much more insatiable than her mate, as she chose two members of CrIsis, not just one: No Name and the honorary member Heebo.

I did, however, pray over the food before we ate, and may I say it was something the Queen suffered with little grace and less good will. As I was in the guise of a simple priest of Bast in Prince Torrun’s retinue, I dedicated this prayer only to her.

Bast, Queen of Sighs and Grandamme of Dommes
We come…before you and dedicate this meal in your most sensual honor. We know that even as this food fuels our bodies and passions, even so do those passions fuel you.
Take from us your pleasure in this simple offering.
Amon Ra

The King and I spent the night worshiping Bast.

Thoth 8, 114

Breakfast was an event. The Pandemoniums that were masquerading as the King and Queen displayed their true colors. The queen, having warped the minds of No Name and Heebo to her service dispatched her dogs upon us, whereupon I burned her with the holy light of Osiris, felling her where she stood and providing an opportunity for No Name, who was freed from her control, to give her soul to Khonsu.

The King gaped at me for a moment, realizing that he had miscalculated. He had thought me his man, but I belonged, as always, to Bast. His moment of hesitation was enough for us to destroy him body and soul, releasing the castle from his foul hold.

Thoth 9-12, 114

Days melded into one another in the never changing night of the interior of the Palace. We wandered from one end of the palace to the other, always following the guides given to us by Thoth, Lictalon, and others. Especially with Ursus stepping up and using some of his new-found intelligence, we passed through the puzzles and traps of the castle without much difficulty.

When we reached the top of the tower for the second time, the brass colored crystals glowing around us and the Kidney of Osiris a softer lambent glow in it’s pedestal, I knew what must be done, regardless of any other consequences.

Our trek through the unnatural valley pressed upon my as I handed the Eye of Osiris to Ursus and pulled the Kidney from the plinth. All those people, living their lives and never once knowing that they were a charmed existence. On the 9th, Silent Dream, the Prince, and I were all attacked by a host of archers, and I knew we would not be able to properly, or safely, tell all those innocents that danger was about to collapse upon them.

It could not be helped. Should ReSet or any other dark forces end our quest, innocence would no longer have a place in this world. Better these few fall than that all light be extinguished for all eternity. I pray for their safety, but it can’t be a priority for me when the fate of untold millions rest upon my decisions.

The Palace began to shake as windows opened up and balconies extended in each of the cardinal directions. Some of my compatriots looked down off the balcony and saw the archers and other soldiers falling to their deaths. I wonder if they attacked because they followed the King, or because they sought to overthrow the King.

I will pray for their souls.

Thoth 12-14, 114

Lictalon has joined us in the tower as we make preparations to go through the portal to attack the scourge of the Middle Kingdoms. He directed us to the Ruby crystalled room and there we found the portal we sought. We do not know what waits for us on the other side of the portal, but we are as prepared as we can hope to be. We have used what charms and spells we can to empower ourselves, and as it has since I took it, the Kidney of Osiris remains in my left hand.

Should we fall in the coming battle, all is not lost, for more like us hide in the wings. We shall rise like the sun in the heavens and burn out the blight from this land.

We charge forward into darkness with the torch of Isis our constant companion.

Lady Shara should quake at the thought of our approach.

Excerpt taken from the personal Journal of Grignak, Priest of CrIsis

Image from International Gem Society


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  • If Lady Shara read this she would quake. Great official log and a wonderful call to arms

  • Oh no – I read it!

    Great log!

  • With a little editing I feel Rod Rambler can published this as he sees fit. Read or don’t Read – that is the question!

    • It would also appear Torrun’s pigeon scroll spell from the Rune Ring of Ithan made it to Lictalon. I am glad to see it was useful!

      • All the Eagles left when the Kidney was pulled.
        Of course, the one that got out was the one that Torrun sent from his gifted ring- so Lictalon knew immediately!

  • I’m sad there is no mention of my championship belt I won when the queen tapped out.

  • It is a sad but true commentary of how Grignak looks at the world, but sexual prowess just isn’t noteworthy. 🙂

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