Juggling Gods

I Thought Juggling Axes Was Dangerous

Dear Son,

I cannot believe what you and your Friends have done! Please thank your friends for somehow keeping you safe! Defeating the Goblin King, killing a Kraken- wonders all!

We have decided to spend some of our winter here in the The Wolfen Empire, and King Avramson has been enormously generous! We have been provided for, and are working on an entire new act! I am amazed at the skill of the great Terramore, who sends his greetings to his friends in CrIsis!

The entire troop, as well as myself, owe you all so much! The generous King Avramson, with blessings from King Minischmee, has agreed to grant passage on a Stone Ship (Wow!) leaving a week after the Festival of Isis from Seaholm! After stopping in Bizantium this ship moves through the treacherous Sea of Despair all the way to the Elven Kingdom of Sulestan!! I will be able to see an ancient Elven city!!

I will write upon arriving in Bizantium, for we will be there for a week, and hopefully you will be able to write me when I am there!

Your very proud, but worried, Father

Sent to U’Selekma to be forwarded on Horus Day.

Picture of Rizoel from Jaceknawrot.


7 Responses to “Juggling Gods

  • OK, while not as “Hit you over the head” parental guilt as Rosie Fappin, the sentiment is still in there.

  • Too bad our schedules couldn’t coincide!

  • Merkl should be the Demi-God of Bards and Entertainers!

  • You should be aware that Kraken are on the endangered species list.

    • …and they are tasty as well. Yum Calamari.

    • I love how Merkl made giant squid into Kraken, and now that is how they are remembered by all.

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