Life Without CrIsis Part Two

My Good Friend Malkin

Per your request I have been talking to people throughout all of Palladium in my travels, asking them about CrIsis. You again, as usual, were right- not only are they aware that they are gone, but there is much concern about it. This is my second accounting- thank you for letting me know that you received the first!


The first is a very different account from the Wolfen Empire:

“CrIsis brought peace to our lands, and Glory to the Great Empire! It is because of them that we are now concentrating on growth! Not having to fight a war with the Humans has allowed trade to increase, and we can concentrate on becoming a true nation of the World!

“We have already begun trading with Koris Gwaisol, and there are emissaries to all the other nations!”

“We are, now that the soldiers are free, also bringing the Coyle to heel. It is now that we have peace that we can truly flourish.”

“My worry is now that they are gone, will the peace last?”


The next account was from Llorn in the Eastern Territories:

“Well, I know one thing for sure- none of those ugly Dogs showed their face past the border once CrIsis forged peace. Perhaps more importantly, we saw a complete change not only in the Duke, but all of our people here! We are still one of the best trained groups of warriors, but we are embracing our location to promote trade. I hear that there might even be a trade agreement with the Westies.

Before CrIsis, it seemed all was the same, dark, foreboding, and if we were not at war we were about to be. Now we are gearing up for a different battle- one with the Demons and Deevils! The Duke has proudly signed us and all of the Red Brigade on to the fight, alongside Koris Gwaisol! Heck, I would even fight alongside a Dog against them Demons and Deevils!

My worries about CrIsis being gone are twofold- what happens to all of us if they succeed, or worse, fail, in Hades? Do the Demons come here stronger for revenge? Also, why have they not come back to accept the Duke’s apology? What if they don’t, and he goes a little angry again? I hope they come back and fix this!


The next two accounts are from the Western Empire, and they will close this out. We both know I intended to get to Bizantium, but since they are making better time than expected I have canceled that trip.

“You play the Lyre? Imagine losing the use of all of your fingers, and yet still be expected to play the lyre! That is what it is like for me without CrIsis! “, said a follower of CrIsis to me.
“When they are here, I feel enlightened, touched, empowered. Now I am back to being an Orc in the Western Empire, lower than all humanoids except a goblin. Grignak gave our race, and all so-called Monster races, hope of normalcy, of acceptance. Now, with he and Ursus gone, we are nothing again.”
“I prayed to him, Grignak, before, and did not do it often, but each time I did the next few days were brighter. Now they are lonely, and dreary, and enslaved.”
“I hope they come back soon- I don’t know how much more I can take.”

An attractive human woman’s account follows- she would not reveal her name.
“CrIsis was so good for business! So good for all sides, Dark and Light, selfish and giving, rich and poor. The hope that they provided was infectious for the believers, and for the haters it was invigorating to be able to pour all of it at one source. Weapon sales increased, for there were many who believed that they would cause a great war. Churches thrived, pushing beliefs either pro or more often anti-CrIsis. Trade increased, both above board and the black market, as there were all sorts of demands of products- a drug to make someone strong as Ursus, an instrument to play like Willy, and more. There is even a Cult of the Fox that worships Silent Dream here!”

“So yes, when they united the Church again there was some positive, but when it was announced they had left suddenly things went quickly back to the way they were. The Middle Kingdoms have been subdued, but for how long? Everyone went back to the way things were, because after all, even CrIsis cannot go to Hades and survive.”


Well, my good friend, time to get on the road! I will see you in Khemennu!

I owe you a pitcher of ale!


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


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