Llornian Lonliness

Surprisingly Deep Connection

Dear Hot and Foxy,

I hope you like the pun, I was unsure in writing it. I have hesitated writing you, as I feel that you, as a Great Member of CrIsis, would not want to take time out of saving the world to read a letter, but since you wrote twice I should respond.

You spoke in your first letter that you are not coming to Llorn for a while- I think you should reconsider. The Duke has stood in the way of having all of CrIsis condemned as criminals for the destruction in New Haven. He has publicly requested that you come and accept his apology- but support for CrIsis in the East is waning.

Your apology is accepted. I am sure that you had a life-threatening reason for breaking my confidcence.

Your adventures are truly frightening! Killing a God! Fighting an evil Necromancer! Yet you still seem to keep your purity and goodness.

I wish to be close to that goodness- please let me know if I can assist you, and I hope that I will see you soon.


Sent on the 28th of Corg in the 345th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.


4 Responses to “Llornian Lonliness

  • Another gentle reminder that we should go to Llorn before it’s “too late.” Also, calling Dream Hot and Foxy gave me an honest-to-goodness laugh.

  • Just another of the endless “Booty” calls for another member of CrIsis…like frackin rock stars…

    • It’s more than a booty call, but the booty doesn’t hurt 😉

  • The group seems to like to get some.

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