Magic is Death

It was such a simple thought, an academics thought, that one small event could be writ large. I would take knowledge that I had gained through my travels and I would apply it in a large manner in order to destroy the enemy of the gods.

We prepared. It seems our new approach to actually prepare for conflict that we can see coming. At the end of the preparation I launched the Fist of Ra into the building where the necromancer resided. The heavy blocks of the building shuddered as the Fist passed through the corner of the building. The interior reacted as if it were hit with a cyclone, and yet the untouched necromancer left.

Thinking he’d gone to his house next door, I again unleashed the Fist of Ra. The house ceased to exist. I’m not talking that it was destroyed, since of course that is obvious. I said exactly what I meant. There were no pieces of the building larger than a child’s hand, and most of it was left in splinters and shards much smaller than that.

When the Fist of Ra struck the earth below the Necromancer’s former domicile, waves of force rippled outwards as if it were resting upon water and not the solid ground we all knew it to be. Great cracks appeared in the walls of the buildings surrounding the hole where the house once stood.

My great power, once devoted to creation has been perverted to destruction. If Osiris were once again the lord of the dead, then I would demand that the gods strike me down to remove this power from the earth, but I do not make demands of the gods, and Anubis would gladly use this power against CrIsis.

I must remain alive or all is lost.

Penned by the hand of Asher.

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