Malkin, Your Help is Humbly Requested

We are not ready. Please help!

Friend Malkin,

This is a letter from Silent Dream. I hope your travels to Phi brought you there safely. I apologize for interrupting your time in the new Elven Kingdom with this request. We could really use your help! I do not write this to you lightly. You probably already know what happened to Xerx’ses and Indaris. So I will not bore you with repetition. But if you are still in Phi perhaps you could pass on the good news to Rincewind?

We have believed for some time now that our quest will take us to Hades. Just a few days ago we were ambushed by Ratel and several Demons of Hades. They appeared to be working for the God Utu in an attempt to slay The Nameless Man. That encounter made me realize that we are not prepared enough to take this quest to Hades.

Three of our members were turned to stone before we were able to force their retreat! If not for the blessings of the Gods upon Indaris it would have been four or even all of us. I am humbled to realize just how close we all were to failing in this quest. This worries me greatly. What will become of us in Hades? I recall that former CrIsis member Ja’Deir had done some research on that infernal place while spending time with you. But he is gone now. And with him that knowledge. This leaves me asking many questions.

If we cannot stand against a small group of demons such as the ones Ratel was with, how can we stand against the might of Hades? Will our faith in the Gods be enough?

These creatures could turn a person to stone with a beam from their eye-stalks. How do we combat or survive something like that?

What other strange abilities do Demons possess which we are not prepared to face? How do we prepare to face them?

Perhaps an even better question: How can we avoid facing them while still reaching our goals?

The most trying of all will be the Demon Lord Modeus. If His minions give us such trouble then how will we prevail against Him when the time comes?

These and many more are questions I do not have answers to. I hope these are the sort of questions you can answer. Or at least help us to find the answers. You have always been a great help to us. Your knowledge and aid have enabled CrIsis to succeed many times over. I think with your help here as well we can succeed again. I do not recall if CrIsis has asked this of you yet – if we have then please forgive my redundant request.

Perhaps I am reacting in haste. Hades is so very far away. We still have Bizantium, the Western Empire, and perhaps even Çynopolis ahead of us first. But if now isn’t the right time to ask these questions, then when is the right time?

Thank you for your help as well as all you do and have done for CrIsis.

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Note: This note was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 31st night of Corg, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Image Credits:
Malkin: AZ_Rune


3 Responses to “Malkin, Your Help is Humbly Requested

  • Wow, really well done- a request worthy of Malkin….
    Do not take my lack of response as this not being a well written, reasonable, and legitimate request- just have other logs to write first, but well done!!

  • Beautifully done, and I find that there’s little I can add. Bravo!

  • I know that with Ursus lacking in IQ, that he forgets that we have allies to ask assistance off…maybe that will change very soon…

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