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A Pirates Wife Hath No Fury


I am honored that you would ‘come clean’ and tell me of my husband’s death and misdeeds. You still broke rule five of ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ but I appreciate what you have done. I was told by a priest of light already of his death the night he died prior to receiving your message. I, however, didn’t know that he had slept with you, nor did I need to. I should have seen it coming because I know my husband. You should know that I do not want to see your repentant face until that list of Overkill’s is scratched off. That’s right; I know that there was a list of the members of the Redbeard’s Pirates that he was collecting. I was told by the same priest that he received a vision of my loss and that in that same vision was shown him by the goddess herself, Isis, that there is a list that needs to be filled. Do not see neither me nor my unborn child until that list is filled. I do not care for your clan mother nor any other member of the clan until Overkill can rest in Ma’ip in peace. You really want to show me that you cared for your captain and his bride then pick me up when Bizantium has every member of the Redbeard.

I have cried enough to my god and have received comfort in the meantime and will not step a foot until this request is done. You want to do me a favor? Stay put! You want to ‘honor’ Overkill. You say that you want to help with both of our pregnancies? Free my husband from hell. Give Anubis and Set the finger by helping Bennu and Isis. Get those ‘comrades’ on the list and free Overkill.

Is that clear?!? I will not say the words I want to say about you as I am a lady now but you know what you are. Give me peace then perhaps we can be friends.

Thank you.

Written by Mary on the 16th of Set the 1st year of King Wilgan.

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