May Ma’Ip Always Shine Upon You

Farewell Roggan

Sir-Quixis-Ote_400pxDear Indaris, Palladium’s Greatest Priest, Isis’ Seeker-

I am greatly saddened that I will not be able to properly say goodbye to the gentle soul of Roggan, to hear one last “Quicksey!” Unfortunately my duties of protecting the Eastern Delegation trying to broker peace, led by the good Bishop Rose, must continue.

The Duke of Llorn has approached me to ask if I truly knew you, and when affirmed that truth he wished for me to include his sorrowful apology if you had not yet heard. He wishes you join him in Llorn once the peace process has settled.






Please read the following to Roggan, while he still exists, and let him know I am thinking of him.

Peace was always your prosperity
Questions did not always require answers
Rest from a life well lived
Smile your glorious smile
Time is of no consequence

In the end death will take it all away.
You spent your days struggling for something that matters.
I mean I don’t want to be lying there as I’m dying thinking
“Oh shit I forgot to put the cat out.”
You always remembered what mattered!

(Ok, so I am no Rod Rambler)
Roggan had an extraordinary capacity for friendship. People loved him all over Palladium. Honor his memory, laugh and love, and be happy. Roggan would want it that way.

I will be in Wisdom to help protect the process of picking a new head Weaver for the Tri-Arcanum Guild. I hope you are there.

Hoping to find ways to serve you!

Written on the 14th of Gryphon by the servant of Osiris, Sir Quixis Ote, in the 345th year of the noble dominion of the .

Picture of Quixis from our own AZ_Rune.
Roggan portrait by Gaitkeeper.

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