Meditation on Reaching the 12th Circle of Enlightenment

Oh, the balance between light and darkness that is seeking for preeminence in my soul. I want to be the support of my group, but recently I have felt so trapped by my inability to assist that I end up doing nothing.

When we began this, I was willing to stab and cut and rend whenever necessary, but here, in this city, it isn’t possible for me to attack with abandon. In the wilds, I can be reasonably sure that anyone attacking me deserves the death we deal, but it isn’t anywhere near as clear cut here in the city.

To make matters worse, we are truly outnumbered here in the city. Having a crowd many times our size face off against us is the norm here, not the exception. Were it not for the condescension of such as Sir Thurgood, we would be in a much worse state now than we are.

We need numbers, and we need tools that can be applied with precision, not wild abandon. To that end I feel that I must reach out, much as I did when Kupyr came to my side. He has been a good companion, and he has aided me more than I ever expected he would. There are so many small minds that surround mine. Minds that quiver and snap and scurry. Some of these minds are larger and glow brighter than others and I know that I would only be able to call relatively few of them to my side. Some are small and would come to me in droves and scores.

I am reviled by many of the thinking peoples of this land. It is something I should not bemoan. I will simply have to accept it and become the Pied Piper of Lopania. I will call out their rats and feral dogs and I will lead my army in battle against all comers. Should they need to be inspired to fear, I will do so. Should they need to be crushed, that will be accomplished as well.

This is the day in which even the smallest will bring down the greatest bastions of evil that our adversary can construct.

Thoughts recorded by Asher

Image by Thomas Woodward

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