Greetings unto thee, Master Wesvon,

I fear there has been some innocent miscommunication on behalf of Master Weaver – Xerx’ses. Below is the excerpt from the missive of his second monthly report where he was merely voicing thoughts he couldn’t prove one way or the other.

{BEGIN YOUR COLORFUL EDITS HERE} I am looking for information regarding Master Rincewind. How many other Elves failed to resist the call of the self-proclaimed Elf-Godling: Lictalon the Great? What of the Elf boy in my last missive? What of Mistress Charolyn? The more I learn about her the deeper and darker the questions get. I have some fledgling suspicions that she may actually be the goddess Tolmet or a godling child of her and Lictalon? I imagine the Eastern Dominion of Man is none to pleased losing Phi and Renvin to this fledgling nation.{END EDITS}

Now as you can see he never asked his “Second” to look into anything regarding the Mistress Internalist. He absolutely did share his thoughts about a perplexing situation. He is interested if finding out about Lictalon the Great’s life as the former Ruler of Hades. He hopes it will give us some kind of edge when we go to face Modeus. I can assure you he has taken your warning about pursuing the topic to heart and has dropped anything regarding the third head of the Tri-Arcanum. Again, may I offer my thanks in your discretion and handling of the matter to one new in their office. It makes me proud to be a member of your branch of the guild, Master Wesvon.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent to Master Wesvon upon the morning of the 16th of Corg and a back up with the Pontiff as well.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org


7 Responses to “Miscommunication

  • Great pic of Wesvon. You should send a lot of these to the rifter as npc’s to fill out the ranks as the pictures are great. It wont be to long before you have done more pics than palladium 😉

    Keeping Wesvon on our side of things is pretty important, because even just his indifference could hurt us.

  • This is an awesome explanation and clarification.
    The picture of Wesvon it is absolutely one of my favorite

  • I am so happy the picture worked out since it was done in ink styles for #Inktober which is a Artist holiday / thing now. Thank you for clearing up anything with Wesvon.

  • Fingers crossed that Wesvon doesn’t get bent out of shape at the implication that Indaris read and decoded the letter which was sent to Xerx’ses.

  • Indifference aside, if the world is in chaos things could be difficult for the Tri-Acanum…unless he likes his chaos hot & in your face.

  • I doubt he’ll be upset given how many parties he hosts. He’ll likely think Xerx’ses just shared the note with another member of the Guild.

  • Go Indaris!
    I agree that the picture is one of the best!


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