Monthly Weaver Update #2

Foreword: To our Master Chronicler of Light please omit any issues regarding the operations of the guild, many thanks unto thee.

Hail and well met my friend, Master Mustrum,

It brings me nothing but joy that my second report to say in what I believe is a “two-way communication”, has me writing you in Shadowfall of all places. I would like a status report regarding PROJECTS: ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, & SUB-POINT GAMMA from last month’s check in. Old business aside on to new business I believe is the phrase now used.

{BEGIN YOUR COLORFUL EDITS HERE} I am looking for information regarding Master Rincewind. How many other Elves failed to resist the call of the self-proclaimed Elf-Godling: Lictalon the Great? What of the Elf boy in my last missive? What of Mistress Charolyn? The more I learn about her the deeper and darker the questions get. I have some fledgling suspicions that she may actually be the goddess Tolmet or a godling child of her and Lictalon? I imagine the Eastern Dominion of Man is none to pleased losing Phi and Renvin to this fledgling nation.{END EDITS}

Has our numbers of enrolled students and straight membership increased? I am hoping with the talks opening up free trade and travel between the nations of Wolf & Man. That means our Wolfen brothers can help aid in recruitment among the Tri-Arcanum as a whole? We might be able to visit, however, I am unsure given we have removed one Necromancer and now head off to face one even more powerful. Please spread the word among the powerful at that meeting. Below the Shattered Mountains the Old One, called Netosa has stirred! He is awake enough to project his mastery of the undead to corpses as mutable puppets over 200 miles away, if my math is correct. It explains how some of my spells were blocked from working.

Well enough about me, when time permits (hint: that means sooner than later) please let me know how the world’s greatest Magic and Psychic Guild will help foster goodwill? Then how we plan to contribute to growth of all parties involved in these talks of peace and trade?

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn


Immortal Minotaur Demigod

Arcanist Holy Paladin for Osiris the Lawgiver

War Wizard & High Weaver of the Tri-Arcanum Guild

Member of CrIsis

AKA: Admiral Osric Orghallar of the Shield Of Light


Sent on the 4th of Corg.


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


7 Responses to “Monthly Weaver Update #2

  • With no context at all behind them I wonder what Wesvon will think of those “fledgling suspicions” about Charolyn? It seems weird there was no unprompted communication to you from the guild about the effects Lictalon’s summons had on them.

    • I don’t know I have to think Wesvon looks at the Guild as a place to audition strippers! Old Dirty Geezer – My Hero! LOL!

      • I can totally see that. How many “ugly” people has he rejected for Guild membership, I wonder? I suspect that answer is “all of them.”

    • That was the surprising part of things….
      Trying to catch up on all the previous responses- may not get to Mustrum on this one… been trying to spread out the logs to each person, and had 6 last game…

      • Yes but we can work this into game and log. Just Like B did.

  • Xerx’ses: “Hey Dumbasses, how come you haven’t reported back? OH, also get me this info & intel ASAP, or else”

    Of course that wouldn’t be a very good log…would it.

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