More Consequences


A private letter sent to Bishop Rose Nodecki, 27th of Gryphon, 71st Year of the Great Wolfen Empire


CONSEQUENCES, DAMN CONSEQUENCES. Apologies for my language and tone, Eminence; for I have suffered great consequences for my actions again. I had an opportunity to go and defend my Tribe and fellow Wolfen from a great injustice. I chose to serve my God and I have suffered the consequences of my choices and actions. Although I have no confirmation, I am certain that every one of my Clansmen have joined the Lost Tribe. Because of the treachery that you are aware of, the Duke of War has mobilized his entire force to attack and demolish my Clan.

I received word from my Brother of this attack several days ago and agonized on the decision. I even tried to convince my fellow Warriors to go with me, against their own misgivings. I even threatened to leave CrIsis; to abandon my oath to Ra and my honor.

Of course, emotions are strong and difficult to overcome; and nothing emotes stronger than feelings for family. I was so out of my mind that when some Brigands tried to rob us, I just about hunted down every last one of them for even thinking about robbing innocents, after we scared them off. Even these Summer-like snowfalls of late seem to mock my choices.

I know pity is for the weak and I should be strong in the face of death and destruction. I just wonder why Ra has heaped all this on me. I know don’t question the actions of the Gods. I may just end up in Hades for what I have said, but I have to ask.

I swear by Ra that I will not rest until Osiris is complete and that the perpetrators of this injustice are brought to proper justice, BY MY HAND!

One last thing, please send my apologies on behalf of my Brother to his Eminence for the manner in which he referred to him.

A Humble servant of Ra
Quingia Raulf Bozkurtlar

Bishop Rose picture previously referenced in A God Rebuilt
Wolfen Battle picture drawn by Mike Mumah
Female Palladin drawn by Scott Johnson of Palladium


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