More Information Needed

Dear Khonsu’s Reaper and CrIsis

You are known to my lord, the famous Slayer of Mountains, mage above all others. Your story is known to him,

What is not known is why you think some alluding missive will require him to summon the Leader of the most powerful Country in all of Palladium! What piece is held by you? Why is he buried in Sekti-Abtu? How was he slain? How was he taken from his Home in the Land of the Giants?

So many queries must be answered before I bring this to my Master, much less the Emperor!

My master will of course require proof of the kill, given to me, before entry into his presence, or entry into see the Emperor. Our rules still apply.

Bondrake Earthseeker
Most trusted of the Slayer

Sent on the 8th of Kym-nark-mar in the 24th glorious year of Emperor Itomas– we shall be triumphant!

Picture by Ihor Pasternak.





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