Moving On Up

Big Audition

Dear Son,

I have more questions to ask from the letters that you have sent me, but first, I want to thank you for writing! It is great to know that all your pieces and parts are still joined!

First question is what do you mean about the Kankoran setting his girlfriend on fire? Sounds like a very strange occurrence!

How was your dinner with Lictalon? One letter ended with that about to happen, and the next letter you were asking for an Airship! I assume that meant it went well!

I assume that Duke Vas Deferens is the Duke of Llorn, as that is the only Duke I remember you being in trouble with- but knowing you, I am sure there are others….

If you teleported all the way to the Old Kingdom perhaps you could teleport here to Caer Itom? We are performing on one of the smaller stages on the Festival of Thoth, but this is no mere small performance! We are auditioning to join the great Terramore Gleba’s new touring entourage! It would be amazing, and helpful, to have you leading the cheers in the audience!

Of course, I am in disguise, and going by the name of Malarista! After all, I am officially still exiled from the Western Empire!

Hoping that you will be there!

Write back soon-

Your nervous Father

Sent to U’Selekma to be forwarded on the 17th of Thoth.

Picture of Rizoel from Jaceknawrot.

Picture of Terramore from our AZ_Rune Art.










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