My Friend Asher… the Moose


When we got to the Holy City I must say that I felt a bit safer. Our dear friend Bishop Rose Bishop Nodeki had, at the same time, teleported to Wisdom for bishop type stuff so we were alone to do what seemed us good at the time. That being said we took some time to travel the city. Most of us took the time to meet with the local alchemist. Who to our wondering eyes should appear but Azariel and what a surprise. We spend a small time over dinner talking about what we had done in that last few weeks while he was under the strict tutelage of stuff shirts that had the personality of cardboard when they were in the ‘zone’, so seeing us was great relief.

For twenty-one days we were in the city while Xerx’ses did some studies (oh and by the way, we missed the big lugs birthday but he didn’t even whimper about it) and while doing so, Asher took that time to do some learning himself about the mystic arts (mainly about how hard it is to create scrolls). I shall explain.

Asher took some time away and while doing so I took the time to look for my brethren, the ludicrous mages and while doing so Caminata and Indaris asked me to check on Asher who had been gone all day. Well, I knew where the guy was so I went to his place of mystic arts and found a moose. At first, I thought it was a sexual thing and being surprised by a whole sized moose I closed the door… quickly. The following day I came back and that same moose was still there. Sensing there was more there to be seen I looked again around for Asher. No Asher. So I asked the moose to vamoose. No reply. I assumed that I was talking to a dumb animal and then tried to move the animal. The animal bit my hat off and ate it! It was then I noticed that there was Asher’s clothes ripped to pieces near the beast and after an hour of stewing I realized that the poor animal was Asher!

I could take this new information two ways with humor or seriousness. I chose the first. Going down the parks I took some time to buy some sandwiches from the bazaar and began feeding the ‘moose’ and than myself. Indaris and Cami came to view and while the children were delighted seeing a moose so close and laughing that he would eat a sandwich, I explained to my friends after they asked about the mage that ‘this’ was the mage. Cami laughed and patted his face while Indaris made a joke about not being turned into a donkey, Asher laughed a moose laugh though I am sure that he didn’t take it well. Several days later he turned back to himself and after I took some time to buy him some clothes he bought me a hat (nice). In the end I didn’t find any mages like my old master or Backwash back in Western Empire.

On the 25th of Od we finally met up with Xerx’ses after long days of study and while he was away he took some time to give us gifts for Horus Day (?). Xerx’ses found out that there was an old holiday that long ago was part of Palladium’s culture. Frankly I wish that it was brought back more because I absolutely love the silver bells that Xerx’ses gave me. I only wish that I had something for him. Maybe the real gift from Horus was that Asher was changed into a moose.

Smell ya later,


Written by Burlap on the 5th of Algor the 17st year of King Itomas.

Picture from Smiling Moose Deli.

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  • I am truly glad that this Holiday has made it into every single log I have read so far that covered the 25th of Od!

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