New Days Ahead

Peace For the First Time

Honorable Bear-Man:

So much has happened since your last visit to our lands! The honorable King Schmee of Mini has begun talks with all of the Kiridin! We have signed a treaty that allows us our lands. He has also allowed freedoms to the local Rebel Humans, and they have stopped their rebellion.

So the North may finally have a period of peace, and this is all thanks to you and the other members of CrIsis!

I cannot thank you enough!

Your Chieftain Friend

Sent to Ursus through his holiness, U’Selekma on the 15th of Ka Da.

Picture credit: Canadian Museum of History


4 Responses to “New Days Ahead

  • Warms my heart that my 5 weeks as Regent Torrun may have paved the way for him making such a meaningful change.

  • I just can’t believe the Barbarians are all getting along/ are united enough for any such treaties to even exist with them as a whole.

    It is nice to see good things happening in areas we left – it doesn’t always feel like we made a positive influence on the people or places we visit when we’re there and have to “peace out” so abruptly.

    • So far CrIsis has helped with peace in Bizantium, the Wolfen Empire, the Eastern Territories, and Timiro- all that is left is the Western Empire/Middle Kingdoms!

      • Things are finally coming up roses for Crisis? Wow, now that is some serious fertilizer. Well at least a big pile of it from Ursus

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