No Offence Taken

Dear my friend The Seeker of Isis-

You have not offended me in any way- I am honored by either “Brother” or “Professor”. It was good to hear from a member of CrIsis in a friendly note, as it had been a long time. It has been well over 6 months since my missive to Khonsu’s Reaper, and while I understand that you have had some time issues that is far too long.

I was terribly distraut at the news that Rogtilda has passed away, as well as Roggan himself. He was such a genuine, pure soul, and will be greatly missed!

I explored the link between Wo-Elfenbrut and the former site of the Golden City of Baalgor, and have a meeting soon with many Heads of Lands to discuss how to deal with this.

I have a new protector, something I have not had since the Agreement and my old Ramen friends. This one is nowhere near as legendary, yet, and I am working on educating her. Yes it is a she, and please be careful in how you inform Ursus, as it is Ansa, who is still fuming. I hope they make up soon, as her concentration has not been the same since finding out about his past Lifemate, and she needs to calm down or we will surely sink. I also do not wish to make the Keeper cross at all…

I have had multiple conversations with Ley-Rhy via pigeon, and they have almost finished the Seba quest. Hopefully by the summer solstice!

I am upon a vessel, along with others, and other vessels, bringing the Books of Wo-Elfenbrut to the Library of Bletherad. We shall be a while upon the sea, but I look forward to home. I hope to hear from one of your group as to what you wish for me to research to help you all, unless of course you feel that there is no longer a need for one as myself. Now that one of your group is a Demi-God, and you yourself on the doorstep, perhaps a simple researcher and lover of knowledge is no longer of use.

May the Light of Isis protect you,

Picture from our own AZ Rune.

Log in response to Indaris’ log, Seba Rescued.

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