Northworst Gets Worse

Terosh Grows

Honorable Bear-Man:

I apologize for not writing sooner, but much has happened. The battle I was telling you about, between the Barbarians and the Monsters of the Water was won by Terosh. He has an army, fearsome indeed, and wields great mystic energies himself.

Sent out to scout our lands were a powerful group which we overheard were named the Blessing. Only one of our scouts survived their attacks, and we have fled. Our tiny nation is now on the run.

We have made an agreement of mutual protection with the Barbarians, but our mutual power may not hold them off. I will let you know when we are safe. If you do not hear from me by the 21st of Kym-nark-mar I will have gone to the Great Tribelands.

Your Chieftain Friend

Sent to Ursus through his holiness, U’Selekma on the 3rd of Ra.

Picture credit: Disney

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