Northworst Goes to the Ocean

And This Is a Good Thing!

Honorable Bear-Man:

I write to you with phenomenal news for our people, at least temporarily! A scout has seen the army of Terosh boarding an armada of ships. They have stopped the attacks upon our lands!

The bad news is the Armada is hard to believe- had I not trusted the scout completely, I would not believe. There are legends I do not know if I have shared with you of terrible creatures called the Ice Creature. They make the Barbarians seem civilized! The most terrifying thing about them are their ships, the Necroilus. They are made of corpses of sea serpents!! They are both warships and floating habitation! The scout also saw Terosh himself boarding the ship to much fanfare- and it seems that he too is an Ice Creature!

They were sailing towards the Wolfen Lands, and the army has withdrawn from our lands.

It was overheard by another scout, and verified by one of the Barbarians, that one of the “Blessing” talked of taking a great magic from the Giants. This makes little sense to me, but hopefully it does to you or one of your friends.

We head back to our traditional lands. Terosh may have gone, but we dare not attack their Fortress. They have left behind enough to defend it well, and are still gaining recruits at an alarming rate.

I hope to see you soon!

Your Chieftain Friend

Sent to Ursus through his holiness, U’Selekma on the 20th of Ra.

Picture credit: PizdUrRart

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