Not To Worry

Dear Dad,

OK, I can at least answer your questions.
The Minotaur left because he sacrificed himself to save a lot of people, and he got rewarded for it by the gods and is now a glowy member of the deific club. The Priest on the other hand seems to have had an argument with party and spat the dummy, meh if he can’t cut the mustard he shouldn’t be here, as all he will do is drag down the others. Talking about glowy, I betcha 100 gp you cannot guess who im dining with later again.

Lictalon, Lord of the Elves, in person, and he’s still alive. How do you talk to a living legend like he is, I think carefully is the answer, but I guess you want a little more info then that.

We finished off the fight in the throne room easily enough (and I mean the rest of Crisis when I say we) and started arguing over who would be regent. Torrun eventually said that he would take on the responsibility because the Byzantine guy we were talking to was a real dick, and I told him that too.
After that got sorted we started getting prepared for our next task, and that’s when the Kankoran Silent Dream came up to me we a very serious look on his face and said
“We need to talk about something important”
and he looked so sad I thought I had better crack a joke so I said
“It’s OK Silent, Dad gave me the talk about the birds and the bee’s when I was younger”
and he didn’t smile so I told him to hit me with it and he said
“I’m so sorry, my ex girlfriend that I accidently set on fire has absconded with yours and my money”
I laughed, checked my purse an yep, all 340gp was still there.
So I told him that’s OK, as long as nobody was hurt its fine, and this cheered him up immediately
as he left he said she got 80k gp from us both. I had only been with the party a few weeks and I had earnt 80k? I was like “wait, er what” but he was gone.
I guess I would have been peeved as well if he had set me on fire, and if that’s all she did well ok then (I’m mostly not going to miss what I didn’t have, mostly, at night . . . dammit, ill get a copy of a pic sent to you, if you see her feel free to remove 80k from her person, she probably deserves to keep the other 80k)

I’m obviously going to have to take that Kankoran under my wing
Setting women on fire is not the way to their hearts.
Setting women on fire it not the way to their minds.
Setting women on fire is a good way to connect to their homicidal tendencies.
Maybe if he apologised she would give my money back.
but enough mental meandering,
The festival of Ra was fun as everyone seemed to be happy to be rid of their demon master.
who woulda thunk that would be all it took to make people happy.

Finally the new King arrived and he was the older King. He had the crown returned to him and started cleaning up the mess that Fala had made. After that we got given some special amulets by the queen at a special ceremony and the people rejoiced. Pity our Company wasn’t here, we could have made good money just because everyone was in such good moods by that stage.

Then, by the powers of the glowy one we were transported to Elf Paradise, which turned out to be a strangely patterned mosaic and crystals, but once we got over that We were taken to see the man himself.
He has a presence about him, his aura spoke of power and hidden strengths, I truly would hate to be his enemy (as I guess I would only be his enemy briefly as well), and he spoke to each of us. To me he gave a demonstration of his knife throwing skills (he does this really well) and he also gave me a magical knife, which I named Nasse, which is Thorn in elvish, as I intend to be a thorn in our enemies side.

That about brings you up to what is happening now.

Please try not to worry, for though I go into mortal danger I feel the warmth of the gods protecting us. We cannot fail, for to do so would cover the world in darkness.



Picture of Lictalon from Skyrim Wikipedia


5 Responses to “Not To Worry

  • So much more succinct than Dream’s journal. Merkl could definitely teach him a thing or three.

  • Love this
    Setting women on fire is not the way to their hearts.
    Setting women on fire it not the way to their minds.
    Setting women on fire is a good way to connect to their homicidal tendencies.

  • All I got was “Good times great oldies KOOL 94.5!”

    Really fun log!

  • Merkl has taken over as the ‘Jester’ of CrIsis. Good to have one back that is much better at it then the past one. You know I mean Ursus right. He just stumbled into it.

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