I am not sure my big brother, Xerx’ses, told you about me. When you hear the story of how I came to be though you’ll forgive him since he has A LOT on his plate as it would seem. The last I had heard from him before today was back on the 20th of Selestra of this year. Then out of the blue he reappears but he looks like an Angel and a Minotaur had a child together. I know …

…ack I am side tracking again just like my older brother. Okay, okay, you need to know how I came about before you hear about Xerx’ses the half god, the Unyielding Strength of Osiris! I was “created” on the 27th of Gryphon of this year when Xerx’ses used a Spell of Legend to create a Doppleganger of himself and that in a nut shell is me. I have all of his memories but none of the emotional context so I guess a lot about why he did a thing, not if he did a thing. He has stated that only ‘three’ people get to command me (you, him, and Jershon), but otherwise I have free will. He also told me that if I managed (or shall we say I don’t get negated by magic or my big bro dying) to stay alive for 16 years then there is an 8 out 10 chance of me growing a soul and becoming a real Minotaur.

I think that should bring you up to speed, oh, oh, he gave me a rune flail named, Cynic, and we are becoming best pals! Cynic is pointing out all the ways people can screw with me and together we keep the ship safe. Okay now onto why I may be his twin, younger, spellborn brother, but we now look nothing alike.

Number 1: His skin is now pink like elf flesh!

Number 2: His hair is so blond I think it is almost silver!

Number 3: His eyes and the tips of his horns are now brown like the honey you became fond of in Sekti-Abtu. He said reminding you of that would help legitimize my letter.

All of the women that saw him briefly from the docks, about half just stopped and starred in awestruck wonder. When I saw him myself coming back from bring supplies to Rogtilda I knew that those sailor stories about him sleeping all those elf girls must be true! I have only been existing for six months but did you know there are books about just him!!

I didn’t even know I liked sex that much but to be honest my only personal encounters with the opposite sex have been with a hooman woman. Yeah given my big brother’s tastes I suppose this can’t be that large a surprise. Let’s be honest I have not seen one other Minotaur in the six months I have existed. Apparently, the author is following around CrIsis, however, only cares about when Xerx’ses appears to have slept with someone. Cynic tells me I shouldn’t be shocked, and most people lie to make something small seem larger than it really is. The first book was called the “Labyrinth of Love” and details his travels going through the Baalgor Mountains with an elf named Iana. It also suggests that some far less, umm savory practices involving playful torture with Giants and then a Trollish orgy!!! However, it gets even funnier…
…I know, I know, how could it get funnier? The second book isn’t about Xerx’ses at all!!! “The Minotaur and the Maiden” is about an affair between a female hooman pirate and her minotaur first mate. It’s about me!!! On a slightly introspective note I should mention to Jershon that most of the umm, intimate details are actually true. Which means they are nearby, or have someone watching us.

Okay, I informed Jershon whom says Attel is actually getting paid very well to supply those details and the money he makes helps cover the extra food I use. I went and punched Attel and told him I get a cut of that or I will tie him to the anchor. Pssst, I would never actually do that but we worked out a deal and I made 50 Eastern Crowns!!! Woot!!!

Oh yeah, I can cast magic just like my big brother but my spells aren’t as powerful and won’t grow until I get a soul permanently.

Before leaving he and Jershon had a meeting about the ship but was not allowed to be there. Professor Malkin seems to be loving having us to help him outside of the great library. One day I will see its insides.

Hey I am running out of parchment so I will write more soon and can’t wait to finally meet you father.

Loving life each day,

Kom’var Spellborn,
Wizard defender of Rogtilda

>> Written by Kom’var Spellborn, written upon the 1st of Kym-Nark-Mar, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

All art by AZ_RUNE.

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