Old Ones and New Worlds

Lessons and Requests

My Dear Friend

What have you told the others of me? Do they think that I am like Nimaya, throwing myself upon you and others? Do they know that I worship the Light? Do they know that I worship Horus? Do they know that we have helped each other, protected each other, and saved each other? Do they know that our bond is stronger than family, as we have chosen each other rather than held together by blood, which can flow any way? I hope you tell them all these things, and know in your heart that I am still your friend.

I was so pleased to receive your letter! Your vision was real- I was chained, and suffering. The beginning days of this Kingdom were rough, and many suffered. This was quickly ended when all became known, and those that tortured and abused have come to justice. This I saw first hand, and can attest to. I shall try and help you understand, but the best way is to meet with the Lord Lictalon yourself! You are now close- does this mean you shall soon visit?

The next part of this message is from the Lord Lictalon, whom I do not worship, but I do serve, and am honored to be a citizen of his land. I will say more after relaying his message.


Dear Bringers of Balance-

Know that I am sincere in my promise of aid, and of knowledge. I know that you have dealt with tyrants, with politicians, and with servants of the Dark in the past. I assure you that I am none of these! I have returned to bring Peace to Palladium.

I have secured the Old One Netosa more securely, and have come up with an energy source that shall replace the Arm of Osiris when he returns so there is not a repeat occurrence.

I hope that I have shown my good faith. We both have needs related to the missing piece of Osiris, and I hope that we can help each other.

Please let Moli know when you are coming, and any further correspondence should go through her- she has an internal way of contacting me, and pigeons are fickle, even the magic ones. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you very soon! You do not want ReSet to acquire yet another Piece!



So my friend, I shall tell you what I am doing here in the paradise that is Renvin! I serve as a member of the official Kingdom government, complete with an awful uniform (me, a uniform, I know). However the work is wonderful and varied. I have worked as an interpreter, a guide, and as a visual guide using my illusionary powers! I have met many people, of many races! Though the central square is only allowed for citizens, the rest of the reborn Renvin is open to all! It is a wonder to see, nature, magic, and a city all become one! To stroll upon the streets still gives me a thrill!

I hope that you will come soon, and know that I am still your friend, and that bond shall not be broken.


*Note:* This letter written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 14th of Corg, in the first year of the return of the Elven Kingdom.


Moli Image by our own AZ Rune
Lictalon Image credit: Toni Justamante Jacobs


5 Responses to “Old Ones and New Worlds

  • I am willing to meet, but I suggest we write him and request a neutral site, which is not entirely unreasonable.

    • I doubt where we meet would make much difference to our safety. I do have a plan brewing, though. I just need a little more time.

      • The place you will meet is set by him and not negotiable- can you imagine King Guy agreeing to meet in the Western Empire?

  • As I’m working on my log and referencing this I had a sudden realization – is ReSet about to get their hands on another piece of Osiris? Is that why Lictalon has expressed such urgency in meeting with us, so we can prevent that from happening?

    • I believe you are right but I’m bound in the short run to be in two places. One of them we are tackling now but once we do the other I planned on trying divest ourselves of the pieces as much as possible. Yes we will likely face ReSet “re-constituted” with Demigods among them. Should be very interesting.

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