Osiris is Rebuilt: Part 1

CrIsis Successful

I, Rod Rambler, Chronicler, also known as Elanu and Malkin, have been involved in this quest from the beginning, and I can tell all- this has been an incredible journey.

I tasked Chip and Bexx with this task over 7 years ago! Passing the words and blessings of Isis to Chip, and with Overkill, Cava, Rell, Gavin and Tyvernos formed CrIsis after Bexx was swallowed by a Sea Serpent- and now the work started by them is done.

Overkill was a pirate, in the worst sense of the word, but despite his philandering and questionable judgements, he was a warrior of the Light- the Gods saw fit to resurrect him an amazing 6 times! Cava almost began as many battles as he personally fought in, but despite his lack of grace in negotiations, he successfully repelled Anubis himself! Rell cared so much for CrIsis that even after his departure he came back to save them, using his skills at law. Gavin is legendary, for his skills in Psionics changed the landscape of that art, and he set the stage for Silent Dream’s new directions. Tyvernos showed that size was not a reflection of Power, and showed that a Warlock is truly a force to be feared!

Through many changes in Roster, CrIsis has survived, and now they thrive! Each one has been given a great gift from Osiris himself in thanks, and Palladium, as well as the whole of the Megaverse, is better for it. I shall tell you all about that in the next chapter, but I wanted to say-


Reported by Rod Rambler, Chronicler on the 27th of Thoth in the 28th Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, 4th Year of King Minischmee, 348th Year of the Eastern Dominion, 7th Year of King Guy, and the 75th Year of the Wolfen Empire. On the world I visited for a time it was 116 PA.


5 Responses to “Osiris is Rebuilt: Part 1

  • This will be interesting to read, wait popcorn is almost done!

    ::Runs to get popcorn::

    Okay hit the ‘Orb of Netflix’ so the crystal ball shows the picture on the wall.

    Netflix is a weird name even for a wizard.

    • I like Flixnet better for a wizard name.

      • May their be such a techno-wizard that creates dream vision crowns and each crystal allows you to dream a movie where you are the main character. Hmmmm….

      • Now I want a series of stories where each of the streaming services are re-imagined as various kinds of wizards, all dueling each other.

  • Amazon is a Women Warrior Warlock

    Hulu is a Native Shaman from a tropical climate

    Roku is a Onmyōdō from an ancient Asian land

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