Osiris’ Jewelry

Xerx’ses, and the rest of CrIsis

I have filed your order with the Alchemist, and he tells me that all should be done by the time you return here, after the Games, by the 15th of Thoth. Thoth be praised! I could not give them to you for fear of breaking the Agreement, but the alchemist could give you a volume discount.

I will see you at the Games, as I am playing a small role in the Opening Ceremonies. I wish you all the luck of the Lady! Speaking of, it was odd to see not an order from Azariel– I guess a well-rounded master of magic such as he is above such things.

Here is the list, with pricing.
Osiris Jewelry-
Asher– Eye of Sight Circlet- to highlight his comb-over
See Invisible 120′ or X-ray Vision 5′ 1x each/day, 1 use each/day
30,000 Eastern
Caminata– Arm of Law Armband
+3 parry or Words of Truth. Lasts 1 minute each, 1x/day each.
50,000 Eastern
Indaris– Hand of Negation Bracelet
Dispel Magic Barrier or Negate Magic 1x each/day, 1 use each/day
40,000 Eastern
Overkill– Arm of Power Armband
+2 Strike or +3 Damage with any weapon. 1x/day each, 1 minute/use each.
50,000 Eastern
Xerx’ses– Pin of Retribution (leg)
1D6 extra dam, 2x for vamp, zomb, animated dead or Impervious all electric attacks, even magic 1 minute 1x each/day, 1 use each/day
40,000 Eastern

Each piece will have Osiris’ symbol, the crossed crook and flail, and some representation of the piece it is imitating. Asher, yours will have a small diamond. The piece for Indaris will have a golden hand etched in. For Overkill, a fist with arm. Caminata, you shall have the scales of law. Lastly, Xerx’ses yours shall depict an x over a lightning bolt. These will be unique symbols- but I can see them becoming popular!

Written by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk.


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