Our Results

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Master Azariel.
| At the White Ash Guild

Noble Lopaniad, and future alchemist,

The trials are over for us. It gladens this heart and I am sure the hearts of all your brothers in arms within CrIsis to hear you have gotten in the games. You do us and your guild proud.

I was the only one to try out for both physical and magical games.

Master Overkill won the right to represent the Gold Coast Trading Company for:

* single man rowing
* 4 man team rowing – the other three are people that like CrIsis. I don’t know whom they are.

I won the right to represent the Gold Coast Trading Company for:

* Sword Dueling – I know right?!? Master Overkill and I are dueling about an hour or more everyday, so I hope to not let anyone down. As my ancestors learned from Dwarves so am I now.
* Pentathlon

I tried out for the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild – Weavers representative competitions but…

* I lost the Freestyle Deathmatch in the finals to some wizard named Malah that was the grandson of the Wizard that beat Xar Xar and seems to follow Anubis: the betraying, bitch dog.

* In the Triathlon both finalists (Malah & I) got whacked by no one working together to take down a Hydra! I can’t believe no one but us understands the value of teamwork. I wish I knew how these short people can be so narrow sighted, maybe I was not meant to not stay among such hateful people.

I look forward to seeing you at the games or sooner. The evil rune weapons on our ship were stolen during the celebration of Set’s day, and I have no word yet on Sir Quixis and his outcome at the trials. Master Kel-ed convinced me to have another go at the book.

Be well my friend,


>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the evening of the 28th of Set the year 111. <<<

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